ALZET Brain Infusion Kits

Many agents do not cross the blood-brain barrier sufficiently to evaluate their effects on the brain without delivering them locally. Cerebral injection is one local delivery method, but it can be challenging to deliver an effective dose in a physiologically-compatible volume. In addition, the agent may not remain in the target location long enough to see an effect. For many compounds, local infusion directly into the brain is the only way to generate reliable data. ALZET pumps have been used in hundreds of published neuroscience studies to infuse agents, from growth factors to siRNA to psychoactive drugs and more, to the central nervous system.

The ALZET Brain Infusion Kits are designed specifically for use with ALZET pumps for targeted delivery to the central nervous system. They can be used in two ways:

  1. Infusion into the cerebral ventricles exposes a wide variety of brain regions to the infusate via the cerebrospinal fluid which bathes the brain.
  2. Direct microperfusion of discrete brain structures results in localized distribution of infusate in the target tissue.

Each ALZET Brain Infusion Kit includes materials for 10 brain infusions:

  • 10 Brain Infusion Cannulae
  • 10 Vinyl Catheter Tubes
  • 40 Depth-Adjustment Spacers
  • 1 Instruction Sheet
ALZET Brain Infusion Kit 1 ALZET Brain Infusion Kit 2 ALZET Brain Infusion Kit 3

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Image of ALZET Brain Infusion Kit 1 Image of ALZET Brain Infusion Kit 3 Image of ALZET Brain Infusion Kit 3

Note: all materials in the Kits meet US Pharmacopoeia (USP) Class VI standards for the biocompatibility of medical plastics. Kit materials have been exposed to a sterilizing dose of radiation from a 60Co source.

Specifications and Comparison of Brain Kits

The following data apply to all three Brain Infusion Kits:

Brain Infusion Cannula
Brain Infusion Kit 1
Brain Infusion Kit 2
Brain Infusion Kit 3

Material (tube)

Stainless steel

Gauge (tube)

28 gauge

30 gauge

Dimensions (steel tube)

ID = 0.18 mm; OD = 0.36 mm; length below pedestal = 5 mm

ID = 0.16 mm; OD = 0.31 mm; length below pedestal = 3 mm

Penetration depths

(adjust using spacers)

3-5 mm

(from skull surface)

1-3 mm

(from skull surface)

Material (elbow stop, flange)


Side Connector (for catheter attachment)

0.71 mm (21 gauge)

Cannula Design

Narrow diameter with suture grooves

Low profile and wide base for skin closure and stability

Volume inside tube

0.32 µl


Height Adjustment Spacers




Dimensions (height)

0.5 mm

Catheter Tubing



Polyvinylchloride (Medical grade)


15 cm (approx.)

Inside diameter

0.69 mm (± 0.08)

Outside diameter

1.14 mm (± 0.08)

Volume per 15 cm

56 µl (3.7 µl/cm)


Features of Brain Kits

  • Compatible with all ALZET pumps models. (Pumps and kits are sold separately.)
  • Targets lateral ventricles: Without modification, Brain Kits 1 & 2 will penetrate 5 mm below the surface of the skull. When affixed to the skull in the stereotaxically correct location, this will put the tip of the cannula in the region of the cerebral ventricles of a 250-300 g rat. Brain Kit 3 will penetrate 3 mm below the skull surface, which is appropriate for targeting the lateral ventricles in an adult mouse.
  • Easily customized to target different brain regions or adjust for differences in animal size. Uniquely designed depth adjustment spacers allow the depth of the cannula tip within the brain to be adjusted in 0.5 mm increments. Note that the cannula can easily be cut to target more superficial structures.
  • Two specialized cannula designs: The original Brain Infusion Kit 1 has a taller base with a narrower diameter and grooves which are ideal for anchoring sutures in certain applications. The Brain Infusion Kits 2 and 3 feature a wide base pedestal which have been designed for greater stability, and may obviate the need for anchor screws. The Brain Kits 2 and 3 have a lower profile pedestal, which facilitates closure of the skin after placement.
  • Design minimizes local trauma: Fine gauge stainless steel cannula minimizes trauma to the brain during cannula placement. (Brain Kits 1 & 2 are 28 gauge. Brain Kit 3 is 30 gauge)
  • Flexible vinyl tubing that is well-suited for brain infusion.
  • All components are provided sterile.
  • Biocompatible: All materials in the Kits meet U.S. Pharmacopoeia (USP) Class VI standards for the biocompatibility of medical plastics.


Specification Diagrams

Diagram of ALZET Brain Infusion Kit 1

Diagram of ALZET Brain Infusion Kit 2

Diagram of ALZET Brain Infusion Kit 3


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