is Implantable

The iPRECIO® infusion pump is designed for subcutaneous implantation in mice, rats and larger laboratory animals. Once implanted, animals are unrestrained and can move freely in their cages during drug infusion. Infection risk is reduced compared to tethered infusion models. Additionally, animals are likely to experience significantly less stress compared to conventional dosing methods. The iPRECIO® SMP-300 can be implanted subcutaneously in mices as small as 22 grams. The iPRECIO® SMP-200 pump can be implanted in 230 gram rats or larger animals.



is Refillable

Refilling an iPrecio pump
A unique benefit of the iPRECIO pump is its ability to be refilled after implantation, while in the animal. Test solutions can be exchanged or replenished via percutaneous access to the pump through a re-sealable septum. This feature enables researchers to perform chronic infusion studies without having to replace empty pumps, eliminating the need for multiple surgeries during the course of the study. Pump refilling can extend the duration of the iPRECIO SMP-200 pump to up to six months (at 1 ul/hr flow rate), at which point the installed battery is depleted.
Refilling an iPrecio pump The iPRECIO reservoir is elastic and its geometry allows gentle palpation to approximate the level of fluid in the reservoir and confirm pump performance. Furthermore, the iPRECIO management software calculates refill timing so the user can adjust the volume as needed throughout the study


iPRECIO® is a registered trademark of Primetech Corporation