Management System


The iPRECIO® Management System for SMP-200 pumps consists of:

  • iPRECIO Management Software Installation CD
  • Data Communication Device (UCD-200)
  • USB cable
  • iPRECIO SMP-200 User Manual
  • 2 AAA batteries
iPRECIO Management Software (IMS-200)
Stores Study Data Study Name, Number/ID, Date, Experiment Period, Section Name, Operator, Number of Groups/Animals, Animal Species, Strain, Age, Compound Name/ID, Concentration, Buffer Name, Administration Route, etc.
Automatically recognizes pump ID / calibration factor
Programs pump via PC
Allows off-line management of infusion Manage schedule (such as solution exchanges, refill date/time), alarms, elapsed time, volume infused, etc
Allows for upload of pump’s log Confirms accurate performance at end of study
Recalibrates iPRECIO pump
Pump start Day and time
Pump stop Day and time
Infusion mode
  1. Instant Infusion Mode
  2. Post Recovery (Delayed) Infusion Mode
Flow rate mode
  1. Constant Flow Rate Mode
  2. Variable Flow Rate Mode (maximum of 10 flow rate steps). (Repeat Modecan be selected for up to 2,500 flow rate steps.)
Dead volume Using either catheter diameter and length or actual volume
Flushing Flushing rate and timing of replacement
iPRECIO Data Communication Device (IMS-200)
Interface USB / Serial Interface
Communication with Pump IR Communication
Power Supply PC USB or AAA batteries
Size / Weight 120 (L) x 67 (W) x 35 (H) mm / 147g (including battery)
Accessories 1 USB cable (1m), 2 AAA batteries



The iPRECIO® Management System for SMP-300 pumps consists of:

  • iPRECIO Management Software Installation CD
  • Data Communication Device (UCD-300)
  • iPRECIO SMP-300 User Manual
iPRECIO Management Software (IMS-300)
Study Management Study Information, Animal Information, Group Information
User Account Administrator Information, Registerand manage user account name and password 
Automated Pump Recognition Pump's ID and Calibration Factor are recognized by wireless data communication
Programmable Parameters Start day / time; Flow Rate or Dose Setting; Duration of infusion
Programming Infusion Steps You can configure a maximum of 16 flow rate (or volume) steps as needed. Grouping of multiple steps and repeat function is also available.

Automatic Battery Calculation of Usage and Infusion Duration

When programming the infusion protocol, the remaining battery life (time) and infusion duration (start and end time of each steps) shows automatically on the window.

Dead Volume Setting

Dead volume of the catehter is calculated using values from catheter size (diameter) and length, or you can enter the actual volume measured

Flushing Setting Available KVO Setting (Flow Rate: xx μL/hr, Duration:xx days)
You can upload default values or set dead volume and flow rate for each study.
Infusion Schedule Management and Monitoring Manage infusion volume and schedule; manage refilling schedule; set threshold for remaining reservoir volume
Log You can export study data and infusion log in CSV format at the end of the study. The infusion log is transfered to the software by wireless data communication during infusion.
PC OS Compatible Windows XP*, Windows 7 (32bit)
*Microsoft support for XP already terminated
iPRECIO Data Communication Device (IMS-300)
Interface Ethernet (crossed cable)
Operates via intranet/internet by setting fixed IP address with the data communication device.
Communication with Pump Wireless Communication
(Not broadband: Individual communication between data communication device and pumps.)
Wireless Frequency 916.15 MHz (North America / FCC); 864.35 MHz (Europe / CE)
Power Supply AC Adaptor and cable inclued.
[I/P] 100-240V 50/60Hz 25VA [O/P] DC 5V 2A
Size / Weight 120(L) x 77 (W) x 31(H) mm / 167 g
Accessories Velcro for securing the data communication device to a flat surface 
1 Ethernet cable (3m)

iPRECIO® is a registered trademark of Primetech Corporation