is Programmable

iPRECIO® enables researchers to set infusion profiles prior to the start of the study. With the user friendly iPRECIO Management System software, the start time/day, stop time/day, flow rate, and infusion duration can all be programmed by the user. The complete infusion protocol is downloaded to the pump’s flash memory via USB (iPRECIO SMP-200) or wireless communication (iPRECIO SMP-300). Once implanted, the pumps will deliver according the the programmed infusion profile. (Note that iPRECIO SMP-300 pumps are pre-programmed via wireless communication. In-vivo reprogramming is not currently available).

The programmable feature of iPRECIO pumps enables complex dosing applications such as:

  • Constant/variable delivery
  • Multiple bolus dosing
  • Escalating drug administration
  • Surgical recovery and washout periods
  • Circadian rhythm infusion

Programmable Flow Rate options include:

  • Constant Flow Rate Mode: Configure one constant flow rate between 1–30 µl/hr (SMP-200), or 1–10 µl/hr (SMP-200)
  • Variable Flow Rate Mode: Configure up to 10 (SMP-200) or 15 (SMP-300) discrete infusion “steps”
  • Recovery Mode: Incorporate a post surgical recovery period. Drug infusion can be programmed to start at any time to allow the animal to recover from surgery
  • Repeat Mode: This mode enables further sophistication in that the 10 (SMP-200) or 15 (SMP-300) infusion steps can be programmed within one or several repeat loops (5 loops maximum). Each loop may be repeated 2-250 times (subject to battery life).

Instant Infusion Mode (iPRECIO SMP-200)

Start drug infusion instantly following pump activation, according to the pre-programmed protocol .

iPrecio Mouse Infusion

Post Recovery (Delayed) Infusion Mode (iPRECIO SMP-200)

Start drug infusion after reservoir contents are exchanged percutaneously following surgical implantation recovery period according to pre-programmed protocol. The pump is set to infuse saline or vehicle during the recovery period.

iPrecio post-recovery

Constant Flow Rate (iPRECIO SMP-200)

Configure one constant flow rate during infusion period. Variable flow rate

Variable Flow Rate (iPRECIO SMP-200)

Configure up to 10 discrete infusion "steps" between 1μL/hr and 30μL/hr Variable Flow Rate

Repeat Mode (iPRECIO SMP-200)

Repeat Mode allows the 10 flow steps to be used in a more sophisticated infusion protocol in which up to 2500 steps* (10 steps x 250 times repeated) may be programmed. Complex infusion protocols may be achieved, such as those required for circadian rhythm dosing, multiple bolus dosing (3-4 times per day) or dose escalation studies. 
* (subject to battery life)
Repeat Mode

iPRECIO SMP-300 Programming: Flow Rates

Each flow profile may contain up to 15 doses or flow rate steps. A single step means a fixed continuous dose or flow-rate for the study duration. A more complex infusion profile will contain more than 1 step and may contain up to 15 steps.

In addition to the 15 steps, Repeat Mode may be used. Repeat Mode allows more complex infusions, such as circadian rhythm, modified release, chrono release and pulsative release to be programmed for daily/weekly/etc repeats.

iPRECIO SMP-300 Programming: Keep Vein Open (KVO) Function

A recovery period maybe programmed using the KVO function where saline or vehicle is infused to ensure catheter patency. During this time, the animal recovers from the implantation surgery.

When using KVO mode, a function of the software allows to calculate the total dead volume of the catheter and pump to ensure that the test article (TA) or drug hits the animal at the programmed start time. Flushing of the dead volume maybe programmed by the user and the software automatically calculates when to exchange saline/vehicle to TA/drug.

iPRECIO SMP-300 Programming: Workflow

Start of Study Design
Enter and save the study name, ID , user and date


Pumps and Animal Setting
Enter the total number of animals to be used in the study (each associated with an animal ID). Enter animal- and study-specific Information, including weight, sex, species, strain, administration site, etc.


Keep Vein Open (KVO) Setting
If a recovery period following surgery is desired, KVO setting maybe used to maintain catheter patency. A dead volume flush may be programmed in the next step.


Infusion Protocol Setting
This screen allows you to program the drug administration start time. It also includes the parameters for flushing the dead volume.

This screen also allows the user to program the "Communications Available" (Comms Avail) setting in Group Profile/Infusion Protocol.

iPRECIO SMP-300 Programming: Monitoring Function

Monitor Function allows the user to follow the infusion profile in detail. Refill dates/exchange dates and alarms are also managed and displayed here.


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