References on the Administration of Antisense Oligonucleotides Using ALZET® Osmotic Pumps

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16192 Kim, J., Yoon, H., Horie, T., Burchett, J. M., Restivo, J. L., Rotllan, N., Ramirez, C. M., Verghese, P. B., Ihara, M., Hoe, H. S., Esau, C., Fernandez-Hernando, C., Holtzman, D. M., Cirrito, J. R., Ono, K., Kim, J. microRNA-33 Regulates ApoE Lipidation and Amyloid-beta Metabolism in the Brain. J Neurosci 2015; 35(-44-):14717-26. >>> anti-miR-33; CSF/CNS (intracerevrovenctricular); Mice; Controls received negative control; animal info: mir-33 knock-out mice, two month-old APPsw/PSEN1_9 (APP/PS1) transgenic mice; neurodegenerative (Alzheimer’s); immunology; brain tissue distribution; Dose: 30 ug/d.

16183 Solomonov, Y., Hadad, N., Levy, R. Reduction of cytosolic phospholipase A2alpha upregulation delays the onset of symptoms in SOD1G93A mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. J Neuroinflammation 2016; 13(-1-):134. >>> Oligonucleotide, antisense anti-Cytosolic phospholipase A2 alpha; Saline; CSF/CNS; Mice (transgenic); Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info (male, B6.Cg-Tg(SOD1G93A)1Gur/J hemizygous transgenic, 10 weeks old, 25 g); ALZET brain infusion kit 3 used; antisense (oligonucleotide anti-Cytosolic phospholipase A2 alpha); neurodegenerative (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis); behavioral testing (rotarod test; ladder testing); pumps primed overnight in 37C saline; Dose (10 ug/day); Brain coordinates (right lateral cerebral ventricle (−1.0 mm mediolateral and −0.5 mm anteroposterior from Bregma));.

16173 Schoch, K. M., DeVos, S. L., Miller, R. L., Chun, S. J., Norrbom, M., Wozniak, D. F., Dawson, H. N., Bennett, C. F., Rigo, F., Miller, T. M. Increased 4R-Tau Induces Pathological Changes in a Human-Tau Mouse Model. Neuron 2016; 90(-5-):941-7. >>> Oligonucleotides, antisense; CSF/CNS; Mice (transgenic); Controls received mp w/ saline or scrambled ASO; animal info (hTau transgenic or tau N279k transgenic, 3-4 months old); antisense ( 3R to 4R MAPT splicing ASO; 4R to 3R MAPT splicing ASO); neurodegenerative (Alzheimer’s disease); behavioral testing (nesting behavior); cyanoacrylate adhesive; pumps primed in 37C saline overnight; Industry authored (Ionis Pharmaceuticals); Dose (14 ug/day for 3R to 4R MAPT splicing ASO; 25 ug/day for 4R to 3R MAPT splicing ASO); Brain coordinates (-1.1mm M/L, -0.5mm A/P, -2.5mmD/V from bregma supplement pg 5);.

16025 Hu, J. Z., Huang, J. H., Zeng, L., Wang, G., Cao, M., Lu, H. B. Anti-apoptotic effect of microRNA-21 after contusion spinal cord injury in rats. J Neurotrauma 2013; 30(-15-):1349-60. >>> AntagomiR-21; saline; CSF/CNS (intrathecal); rat; 1003D; gene-therapy; animal info: rat moderate contusion spinal cord injury (SCI) model, male, Sprague-Dawley, 180-220g; good methods; neurodegenerative (spinal cord injury); miRNA-21, anti-apoptotic. MiR-21 was inhibited via Antagomir-21 to study its effect on spinal cord injury. Inhibition triggered activation of caspases, and increased apoptotic cell death. miR-21 has a protective role in spinal cord injury by inhibiting neuronal cell death; dose: 20 nmol/ml.

15923 Oladosu, F. A., Conrad, M. S., O'Buckley, S. C., Rashid, N. U., Slade, G. D., Nackley, A. G. Mu Opioid Splice Variant MOR-1K Contributes to the Development of Opioid-Induced Hyperalgesia. PLoS One 2015; 10(-8-):e0135711. >>> RNA, small interfering 13 antisense; CSF, artifical; CSF/CNS (intrathecal); Mice; Controls received mp w/ sense siRNA; animal info (C57BL6J or CXB7/ByJ, 8-12 weeks old, 20-30g);.

15837 Renjun Wang, PhD; Qian Huang, MD; Rui Zhou, BSc; Zengxiang Dong, PhD;, Yunfeng Qi, PhD; Hua Li, MS; Xiaowei Wei, MS; Hui Wu, MS; Huiping Wang, PhD;, Christopher S. Wilcox, MD, PhD; Michael Hultström, MD, PhD; Xiaofu Zhou, PhD;, En Yin Lai, MD, PhD  Circ Heart Fail. 2016; 9(--):1-10. >>> AntagomiR-7b; RNA, small interfering GABBR1; angiotensin II; CSF/CNS (paraventricular nucleus); Rat; 1004; 1002; animal info (male, Wistar, 180-200g); pumps replaced after 4 weeks; bilateral cannula used; tissue perfusion (paraventricular nucleus); cardiovascular; peptides; bilateral infusion; Dose (AntagomiR-7b or Ad-siGABBR1 40 ng/h; antiotensin II 1 ng/kg/min);.

15737 Kelsey Brooks and Thomas E. Spencer  Biology of Reproduction 2015; 92(2)(-47-):1-10. >>> oligonucleotdies, antisense morpholino; PBS; Intrauterine; Sheep (ewe, pregnant); 2ML1; Controls received mp w/ control oligonucleotides; animal info (female, Columbia Rambouillet); teratology; cyanoacrylate adhesive; used vinyl catheter tubing (0007760) to cannulate uterine lumen; pump affixed to mesosalpinx using cyanoacrylate glue;.

15137 Wellman, M., Abizaid, A., Abizaid, A. Knockdown of central ghrelin O-acyltransferase by vivo-morpholino reduces body mass of rats fed a high-fat diet. PEPTIDES 2015; 70(--):17-22. >>> Oligonucleotide, antisense vivo-morpholino; PBS; CSF/CNS; Rat; 2004; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info (male, Long Evans, 276-300g); Cannula placement verified via injection of dye;.

14983 Jiang, Y., Li, L.L., Tan, X.D., Liu, B., Zhang, Y.H., Li, C.Q., Li, C.Q. miR-210 mediates vagus nerve stimulation-induced antioxidant stress and anti-apoptosis reactions following cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury in rats. JOURNAL OF NEUROCHEMISTRY 2015; 134(--):173-181. >>> miR-210 antagomir; CSF, artificial; CSF/CNS; Rat; Controls received mp w/ antagomir control; animal info (male, Sprague Dawley, 250-300g); ALZET brain infusion kit used; ischemia (cerebral); behavioral testing (neurological deficit);.

14854 Brooks, K.E., Burns, G.W., Spencer, T.E., Spencer, T.E. Peroxisome Proliferator Activator Receptor Gamma (PPARG) Regulates Conceptus Elongation in Sheep. BIOLOGY OF REPRODUCTION 2015; 92(--):U102-U114. >>> Oligonucleotide, antisense morpholino PPARD; oligonucleotide, antisense morpholino PPARG; PBS; Intrauterine (uterine horn); Sheep (ewe); 2ML1; Controls received mp w/ control morpholino; animal info (Ovis aries, 7 days after mating); cyanoacrylate adhesive; used vinyl catheter tubing; pump glued to mesosalpinyx and sutures; pumps primed in 37C sterile PBS for 24 hours.

14524 Zhang, X., Zhang, Q.Q., Tu, J.Y., Zhu, Y., Yang, F., Liu, B., Brann, D., Wang, R., Wang, R. Prosurvival NMDA 2A Receptor Signaling Mediates Postconditioning Neuroprotection in the Hippocampus. Hippocampus 2015; 25(--):286-296. >>> Oligonucleotide, antisense NR2A; Saline; CSF/CNS; Rat; 1007D; Controls received mp w/ scrambled oligonucleotide; animal info (male, Sprague Dawley, adult, 250-300g); antisense (oligonucleotide NR2A);.

14610 Lu, Y., Jiang, B.C., Cao, D.L., Zhang, Z.J., Zhang, X., Ji, R.R., Gao, Y.J., Gao, Y.J. TRAF6 upregulation in spinal astrocytes maintains neuropathic pain by integrating TNF-alpha and IL-1beta signaling. Pain 2014; 155(--):2618-2629. >>> Oligonucleotide, antisense; oligonucleotide, mismatch; CSF/CNS (intrathecal); Mice; 1007D; Animal info (ICR, adult, male, 8 wks old); PE8 catheter used; antisense (TRAF6); neuropathic pain.

14590 Ko, W.K.D., Martin-Negrier, M.L., Bezard, E., Crossman, A.R., Ravenscroft, P., Ko, W.K.D. RGS4 is involved in the generation of abnormal involuntary movements in the unilateral 6-OHDA-lesioned rat model of Parkinson's disease. NEUROBIOLOGY OF DISEASE 2014; 70(--):138-148. >>> Oligonucleotide, antisense; CSF/CNS (lateral striatum); Rat; 2004; Control animals received saline IP; animal info (male, Sprague Dawley); ALZET brain infusion kit used; antisense (RGS4).

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13647 Koval, E.D., Shaner, C., Zhang, P., du Maine, X., Fischer, K., Tay, J., Chau, B.N., Wu, G.F., Miller, T.M. Method for widespread microRNA-155 inhibition prolongs survival in ALS-model mice. Human Molecular Genetics 2013; 22(-20-):4127-4135. >>> Antagomir, miR-155; Saline; CSF/CNS; Mice; 2004; 2006; Controls received mp w/ saline or control mi-RNA; animal info (C571BL6); antisense (oligonucleotide); neurodegenerative (ALS - Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis); long-term study;.

13613 Nadeau, J.R., Wilson-Gerwing, T.D., Verge, V.M.K. Induction of a reactive state in perineuronal satellite glial cells akin to that produced by nerve injury is linked to the level of p75NTR expression in adult sensory neurons. Glia 2014; 62(-5-):763-777. >>> Oligonucleotide, antisense p75; PBS; rat serum albumin; streptomycin; penicillin; CSF/CNS (intrathecal); Rat; 2001; Controls received mp w/ control oligonucleotide; animal info (male, Wistar, 250-300g); functionality of mp verified by fluorescent tagged AS; antisense (oligonucleotide p75); post op. care (Temgesic SC 0.1-0.2 mg/kg); gene therapy; used silastic tubing; pumps and tubing primed overnight in PBS; 100U/ml streptomycin; 100U/ml penicillin; 1mg/ul rat serum albumin;.

13593 Crepin, D., Benomar, Y., Riffault, L., Amine, H., Gertler, A., Taouis, M. The over-expression of miR-200a in the hypothalamus of ob/ob mice is linked to leptin and insulin signaling impairment. MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR ENDOCRINOLOGY 2014; 384(-1-2-):1-11. >>> miR-200a phosphorotiate, anti-; Saline; CSF/CNS; Mice; 1002; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info (male, Lep ob/ob C57BL/6, 9 weeks old)); functionality of mp verified by miRNA array; behavioral testing (food intake); gene therapy; diabetes; used dental cement and stainless steel screws;.

13490 Velu, C.S., Chaubey, A., Phelan, J.D., Horman, S.R., Wunderlich, M., Guzman, M.L., Jegga, A.G., Zeleznik-Le, N.J., Chen, J.J., Mulloy, J.C., Cancelas, J.A., Jordan, C.T., Aronow, B.J., Marcucci, G., Bhat, B., Gebelein, B., Grimes, H.L. Therapeutic antagonists of microRNAs deplete leukemia-initiating cell activity. Journal of Clinical Investigation 2014; 124(-1-):222-236. >>> Antagomir, miR-21; antagomir, miR-196b; Mice; 2006; Controls received mp w/control antagomirs; functionality of mp verified by analysis of peripheral white blood cells; cancer (leukemia); gene therapy; immunology;"Antagomir-treated mice did not show alteration in their normal behavior or vital organ function, as evidenced by serum chemistry panels and metabolites"pg. 226; long-term study;.

13460 Sakai, A., Suzuki, H. Nerve injury-induced upregulation of miR-21 in the primary sensory neurons contributes to neuropathic pain in rats. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 2013; 435(-2-):176-181. >>> Antagomir, miR-21, inhibitor; interleukin, beta; Saline; CSF/CNS (intrathecal); Rat; Controls received mp w/ negative control miR-21 inhibitor (for miR-21) or vehicle (for IL-beta); animal info (male, Sprague Dawley, 5 weeks old); behavioral testing (Paw withdrawal); peptides;.

13434 Tu, Y.F., Wan, L., Bu, L.H., Zhao, D.L., Dong, D.D., Huang, T., Cheng, Z., Shen, B.Z. MicroRNA-22 Downregulation by Atorvastatin in a Mouse Model of Cardiac Hypertrophy: a new Mechanism for Antihypertrophic Intervention. CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY 2013; 31(-6-):997-1008. >>> Antagomir-22; Saline; SC; Mice; 1007D; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info (male, Kunming, 25-28g); Agent used to induce cardiac hypertrophy.

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13198 Tosun, C., Kurland, D.B., Mehta, R., Castellani, R.J., deJong, J.L., Kwon, M.S., Woo, S.K., Gerzanich, V., Simard, J.M. Inhibition of the Sur1-Trpm4 Channel Reduces Neuroinflammation and Cognitive Impairment in Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. Stroke 2013; 44(-12-):3522-3528. >>> Glibenclamide; oligonucleotide, antisense; DMSO; IV; Rat; 2001; Animal info (SAH model, Wistar, 300-350g); Sur1-Trpm4 channels are upgreulated in cortex adjaced to SAH which induces abnormal BBB permeability and neuroinflammation.

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11242 Benson, M.D., Smith, R.A., Hung, G., Kluve-Beckerman, B., Showalter, A.D., Sloop, K.W., Monia, B.P. Suppression of choroid plexus transthyretin levels by antisense oligonucleotide treatment. AMYLOID-JOURNAL OF PROTEIN FOLDING DISORDERS 2010; 17(-2-):43-49. >>> Oligonucleotide, antisense; CSF/CNS; Mice (transgenic); 2004; Controls received mp w/ saline; animal info (Tg, TTR Ile84Ser); post op. care (Ibuprofen in drinking water).

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10746 Yin, K.J., Deng, Z., Huang, H.R., Hamblin, M., Xie, C.Q., Zhang, J.F., Chen, Y.E. miR-497 regulates neuronal death in mouse brain after transient focal cerebral ischemia. NEUROBIOLOGY OF DISEASE 2010; 38(-1-):17-26. >>> Oligonucleotide, antisense; CSF, artificial; CSF/CNS; Mice; 1003D; Negative controls received mp w/ miR-antagomir negative control or artificial CSF; antisense (miR-497); animal info (male, C57/Bl6); ischemia (focal cerebral).

10743 Ibi, D., Nitta, A., Ishige, K., Cen, X.B., Ohtakara, T., Nabeshima, T., Ito, Y. Piccolo knockdown-induced impairments of spatial learning and long-term potentiation in the hippocampal CA1 region. NEUROCHEMISTRY INTERNATIONAL 2010; 56(-1-):77-83. >>> Oligonucleotide, antisense; CSF/CNS; Mice; 1002; Controls received mp w/ sense; antisense (piccolo); ALZET brain infusion kit 3 used; animal info (male, C57BL/6J, 8-10 wks old).

10609 Kalsotra, A., Wang, K., Li, P.F., Cooper, T.A. MicroRNAs coordinate an alternative splicing network during mouse postnatal heart development. GENES&DEVELOPMENT 2010; 24(-7-):653-658. >>> Antagomir, miR-23a; Mice; Controls received mp w/ negative control antagomir; animal info (dicer -/-, 2-4 months old).

10426 Obata, K., Katsura, H., Mizushima, T., Yamanaka, H., Kobayashi, K., Dai, Y., Fukuoka, T., Tokunaga, A., Tominaga, M., Noguchi, K. TRPA1 induced in sensory neurons contributes to cold hyperalgesia after inflammation and nerve injury (vol 115, pg 2393, 2005). Journal of Clinical Investigation 2010; 120(-1-):394-394. >>> SB203580; antibody, anti-NGF; oligodeoxynucleotide, antisense; oligodeoxynucleotide, missense; oligodeoxynucleotide, FITC-, antisense; Saline; DMSO; CSF/CNS (intrathecal); Rat; 2001; Controls received mp w/ missense oligo; animal info (male, Sprague-Dawley, 200-250 g, SNL); antisense (TRPA1); enzyme inhibitor (p38 MAP kinase); 50% DMSO; behavioral testing (basal pain hypersensitivity, paw withdrawal latency, mechanical withdrawal threshold).

10363 Garcia-Galiano, D., Navarro, V.M., Roa, J., Ruiz-Pino, F., Sanchez-Garrido, M.A., Pineda, R., Castellano, J.M., Romero, M., Aguilar, E., Gaytan, F., Dieguez, C., Pinilla, L., Tena-Sempere, M. The Anorexigenic Neuropeptide, Nesfatin-1, Is Indispensable for Normal Puberty Onset in the Female Rat. Journal of Neuroscience 2010; 30(-23-):7783-7792. >>> Oligonucleotide, antisense, morpholino; oligonucleotide, missense, morpholino; Saline; CSF/CNS; Rat; 2001; Controls received mp w/ missense oligo; antisense (Nucleobindin 2); animal info (female, Wistar, 28 days old, adult); endocrinology.

10362 Elazar, V., Adwan, H., Baeuerle, T., Rohekar, K., Golomb, G., Berger, M.R. Sustained delivery and efficacy of polymeric nanoparticles containing osteopontin and bone sialoprotein antisenses in rats with breast cancer bone metastasis. International Journal of Cancer 2010; 126(-7-):1749-1760. >>> Oligonucleotide, phosphorothioate antisense; oligonucleotide, phosphorothioate missense; PBS; SC; Rat (nude); Controls received mp w/ nonsense oligo; antisense (osteopontin, bone sialoprotein); cancer (breast); animal info (RNU nude, 6-8 weeks old); comparison of polymeric nanoparticles vs mp; pumps replaced after 2 weeks.

10334 Silvestre, D.C., Gil, G.A., Tomasini, N., Bussolino, D.F., Caputto, B.L. Growth of Peripheral and Central Nervous System Tumors Is Supported by Cytoplasmic c-Fos in Humans and Mice. PLoS One 2010; 5(-3-):U234-U243. >>> Oligonucleotide, antisense; oligonucleotide, scrambled; CSF/CNS (caudate putamen); Mice; 2004; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; antisense (C-Fos mRNA morpholino); animal info (4 months old, NPcis).

4792 Lin, S.-B, Wu, L.-C, Huang, S.-L, Hsu, H.-L, Hsieh, S.-H, Chi, C.-W, Au, L.-C  Journal of Hepatology 2000; 33(--):601-608. >>> Oligonucleotide, antisense;; Saline;; IP;; rat;; 2002;; Cancer; antisense; liver tumor cell proliferation, PKC antisense oligonucleotide used..


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