References on the Administration of Deoxycorticosterone Using ALZET® Osmotic Pumps

3347 Lobo, M.J., Remesar, X., Alemany, M. Effect of chronic intravenous injection of steroid hormones on body weight and composition of female rats. Biochem. Molec. Biol. Intl 1993; 29(-2-):349-358. >>> Progesterone; Cortisol; Cortisone; Corticosterone; Dehydroepiandrosterone; Androstenedione, 4-; Androstendiol, 5-; Testosterone; Nortestosterone, 19-; Estradiol, B-; Estrone; Estriol; Deoxycorticosterone; PEG 400; IV (lower cava); rat; 2002; controls received mp with PEG; no stress (see pg. 351); pumps placed into peritoneal cavity and sutured to musculature; surgical wound sprinkled with sulphathiazol.

612 Phillips, R., Crock, C., Funder, J. Effect of mineralocorticoids and glucocorticoids on compensatory adrenal growth in rats. Am. J. Physiol 1985; 248(-4-):E450-E456. >>> Aldosterone; Fluorocortisol acetate, 9a-; Corticosterone; Deoxycorticosterone; Dexamethasone; Ethanol; Propylene glycol; Water; SC; rat; replacement therapy (unilateral adrenalectomy); each mp used twice, 3 days in one animal, then 3 days in another; cannot tell if stability/concentration of ald. determined by RIA before or after exp.

194 Komanicky, P., Melby, J.C. Hypertensinogenic potencies of aldosterone and deoxycorticosterone in the rat. Hypertension 1982; 4(-1-):140-145. >>> Aldosterone acetate; Deoxycorticosterone acetate; Ethanol; Propylene glycol; Water; SC; rat; 1701; additional pump implanted after 7 and 14 days adjacent to the'spent'pumps.

182 Carroll, J., Komanicky, P., Melby, J.C. The relationship between plasma 18-hydroxy-11-deoxycorticosterone levels and production of hypertension in the rat. J. Steroid Biochem 1981; 14(--):989-995. >>> Deoxycorticosterone, 18-OH-; Deoxycorticosterone acetate, 11-; Ethanol; Propylene glycol; Water; SC; rat; pumps replaced on days 7&14 in Exp. 1.

140 Carroll, J., Komanicky, P., Melby, J.C. 5a-dihydro-11-deoxycorticosterone: effect on blood pressure in the rat. Steroids 1981; 37(-1-):111-120. >>> Deoxycorticosterone acetate; Deoxycorticosterone acetate, 11-; Deoxycorticosterone, 5a-dihydro-; Deoxycorticosterone, 5a-dihydro-11-; Ethanol; Propylene glycol; SC; rat; no comment posted.

61 Will, P.C., Cortright, R.N., Hopfer, U. Polyethylene glycols as solvents in implantable osmotic pumps. J. Pharm. Sci 1980; 69(-6-):747-749. >>> Aldosterone; Corticosterone; Deoxycorticosterone acetate; Dexamethasone acetate; Estradiol, 17B-; Hydrocortisone; Progesterone; Spironolactone; Testosterone; PEG; PEG 400; PEG 600; IP; rat; 1701; 3-7 days aldosterone, 6 days PEG only; replacement therapy (adrenalectomy).


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“In the majority of studies examining nicotine withdrawal, nicotine was delivered y an osmotic pump... The osmotic pump allows for the continuous delivery of nicotine at a controlled rate for a specified amount of time. An advantage of this delivery protocol is that nicotine levels in the bloodstream remain fairly constant, much like those of human chronic smokers. Discontinuing the delivery of nicotine by removal of the pump or interfering with nicotine’s effect on the central nervous system induces a withdrawal reaction... Accordingly, this experiment sought to replicate previous work using a rodent model of nicotine withdrawal developed by Malin et al. (1992) that has become widely used..., and which implements the osmotic pump as the nicotine delivery mechanism.” Besheer et al., Behavioral Neuroscience 2003;117(2):327-340.