References on the Administration of Deoxycorticosterone Using ALZET® Osmotic Pumps

3347 Lobo, M.J., Remesar, X., Alemany, M. Effect of chronic intravenous injection of steroid hormones on body weight and composition of female rats. Biochem. Molec. Biol. Intl 1993; 29(-2-):349-358. >>> Progesterone; Cortisol; Cortisone; Corticosterone; Dehydroepiandrosterone; Androstenedione, 4-; Androstendiol, 5-; Testosterone; Nortestosterone, 19-; Estradiol, B-; Estrone; Estriol; Deoxycorticosterone; PEG 400; IV (lower cava); rat; 2002; controls received mp with PEG; no stress (see pg. 351); pumps placed into peritoneal cavity and sutured to musculature; surgical wound sprinkled with sulphathiazol.

612 Phillips, R., Crock, C., Funder, J. Effect of mineralocorticoids and glucocorticoids on compensatory adrenal growth in rats. Am. J. Physiol 1985; 248(-4-):E450-E456. >>> Aldosterone; Fluorocortisol acetate, 9a-; Corticosterone; Deoxycorticosterone; Dexamethasone; Ethanol; Propylene glycol; Water; SC; rat; replacement therapy (unilateral adrenalectomy); each mp used twice, 3 days in one animal, then 3 days in another; cannot tell if stability/concentration of ald. determined by RIA before or after exp.

194 Komanicky, P., Melby, J.C. Hypertensinogenic potencies of aldosterone and deoxycorticosterone in the rat. Hypertension 1982; 4(-1-):140-145. >>> Aldosterone acetate; Deoxycorticosterone acetate; Ethanol; Propylene glycol; Water; SC; rat; 1701; additional pump implanted after 7 and 14 days adjacent to the'spent'pumps.

182 Carroll, J., Komanicky, P., Melby, J.C. The relationship between plasma 18-hydroxy-11-deoxycorticosterone levels and production of hypertension in the rat. J. Steroid Biochem 1981; 14(--):989-995. >>> Deoxycorticosterone, 18-OH-; Deoxycorticosterone acetate, 11-; Ethanol; Propylene glycol; Water; SC; rat; pumps replaced on days 7&14 in Exp. 1.

140 Carroll, J., Komanicky, P., Melby, J.C. 5a-dihydro-11-deoxycorticosterone: effect on blood pressure in the rat. Steroids 1981; 37(-1-):111-120. >>> Deoxycorticosterone acetate; Deoxycorticosterone acetate, 11-; Deoxycorticosterone, 5a-dihydro-; Deoxycorticosterone, 5a-dihydro-11-; Ethanol; Propylene glycol; SC; rat; no comment posted.

61 Will, P.C., Cortright, R.N., Hopfer, U. Polyethylene glycols as solvents in implantable osmotic pumps. J. Pharm. Sci 1980; 69(-6-):747-749. >>> Aldosterone; Corticosterone; Deoxycorticosterone acetate; Dexamethasone acetate; Estradiol, 17B-; Hydrocortisone; Progesterone; Spironolactone; Testosterone; PEG; PEG 400; PEG 600; IP; rat; 1701; 3-7 days aldosterone, 6 days PEG only; replacement therapy (adrenalectomy).


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“Since purified FSH has a short half-life, the hormone is administered as regular injection in 12-hr intervals or constant infusion via a subcutaneously implanted osmotic minipump.” Popova et al., Molecular reproduction and development 2002;63:177-182.