References on the Administration of Agents to the Ear Using ALZET® Osmotic Pumps

15775 H. JIA,, F. FRANCOIS,, J. BOURIEN,, M. EYBALIN,, R. V. LLOYD, T. R. VAN DE WATER,, J.-L. PUEL, F. VENAIL  neuroscience 2016; 316(--):261-278. >>> Dexamethasone; Ara-C; Perilymph, artificial; Ear (cochlea); Rat; 2001; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info (Wistar, adult); animal info (Wistar, adult); stability verified by (incubation in 37C saline for 7 days see pg 268); one cochlea received vehicle only, while other recieved drug;.

14442 Tona, Y., Hamaguchi, K., Ishikawa, M., Miyoshi, T., Yamamoto, N., Yamahara, K., Ito, J., Nakagawa, T., Nakagawa, T. Therapeutic potential of a gamma-secretase inhibitor for hearing restoration in a guinea pig model with noise-induced hearing loss. BMC NEUROSCIENCE 2014; 15(--):U1-U8. >>> MDL28170; DMSO; PBS; Ear (cochlea); Guinea pig; 1002; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info (Hartley strain, 350-400g); 0.3% DMSO used; tissue perfusion (cochlea); used Tefron tube with inner diameter of 180 um to cannulate cochlea; MDL28170 is a gamma-secretase inhibitor;.

14286 Malkoc, G., Dalgic, A., Koc, M., Kandogan, T., Korkmaz, S., Ceylan, M.E., Inan, S., Olgun, L., Dalgic, A. Histopathological and audiological effects of mechanical trauma associated with the placement of an intracochlear electrode, and the benefit of corticosteroid infusion: prospective animal study. Journal of Laryngology and Otology 2014; 128(--):702-708. >>> Dexamethasone; Saline; Ear (round window); Rat; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info (female, Albino, 250-33g, adult); used ALZET IT catheter to cannulate round window;"Dexamethasone infusion given after implantation of the intracochlear model electrode was more effective for preventing hearing loss than the administration of just one dose of dexamethasone"pg 702;.

13405 Landry, T.G., Fallon, J.B., Wise, A.K., Shepherd, R.K. Chronic neurotrophin delivery promotes ectopic neurite growth from the spiral ganglion of deafened cochleae without compromising the spatial selectivity of cochlear implants. Journal of Comparative Neurology 2013; 521(-12-):2818-2832. >>> Neurotrophin; Brain-derived neurotrophic factor; Ear (cochlea); Guinea pig; 2004; Controls received mp w/ artificial perilymph; animal info (young adult, 300-600g); tissue perfusion (cochlea); peptides;.

12711 Toyota, H., Shimogori, H., Sugahara, K., Yamashita, H. A novel treatment for vestibular disorder with FGLM-NH2 plus SSSR. Neuroscience Letters 2012; 526(-2-):128-132. >>> FGLM-NH2; SSSR; Ear (cochlea); Guinea pig; 2002; Control animals received mp w/ artificial perilymph; animal info (male, Hartley); FGLM-NH2 also known as Phenylalanine-Glycine-Leucine-Methionine-Amide; SSSR also known as Serine-Serine-Serine-Arginine; tissue perfusion.

12350 Bas, E., Van de Water, T.R., Gupta, C., Dinh, J., Vu, L., Martinez-Soriano, F., Lainez, J.M., Marco, J. Efficacy of three drugs for protecting against gentamicin-induced hair cell and hearing losses. British Journal of Pharmacology 2012; 166(-6-):1888-1904. >>> Gentamicin; dexamethasone; melatonin; Ear (round window); Rat; 2001; Controls received mp w/ saline; animal info (Wistar, male, 220-250 g); stability verified after 7 days (data not shown).

12186 Sly, D.J., Hampson, A.J., Minter, R.L., Heffer, L.F., Li, J., Millard, R.E., Winata, L., Niasari, A., O'Leary, S.J. Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Modulates Auditory Function in the Hearing Cochlea. JARO-JOURNAL OF THE ASSOCIATION FOR RESEARCH IN OTOLARYNGOLOGY 2012; 13(-1-):1-16. >>> Brain-derived neurotrophic factor; Ear (cochlea); Guinea pig; 2004; Controls received mp w/ Ringers solution; animal info (adult, male, Dunkin-Hartley pigmented, 233-815 g); post op. care (buprenorphine);"Polymers, particularly hydrogels that may be applied directly to the round window, were considered... However, most have a release profile that varies over time, so instead we chose to place a cannula attached to a mini-osmotic pump directly onto the round window."pg 2; tissue perfusion (cochlea, round window niche).

11956 Fransson, A., Maruyama, J., Miller, J.M., Ulfendahl, M. Post-Treatment Effects of Local GDNF Administration to the Inner Ears of Deafened Guinea Pigs. Journal of Neurotrauma 2010; 27(-9-):1745-1751. >>> Glial-derived neurotrophic factor; Ear (cochlea); Guinea pig; 2002; Controls received mp w/ artificial perilymph; animal info (deafened); silcone tube used; tissue perfusion (cochlea); pump replaced after 2 weeks; post op. care (lidocaine).

11936 Watanabe, F., Kirkegaard, M., Matsumoto, S., Gont, C., Mannstroem, P., Ulfendahl, M., Fridberger, A. Signaling through erbB receptors is a critical functional regulator in the mature cochlea. European Journal of Neuroscience 2010; 32(-5-):717-724. >>> PD153035; 4557W; DMSO; artificial perilymph; Ear (cochlea); Guinea pig; 2002; Controls received mp w/ artificial perilymph; animal info (female, pigmented, 250-500 g); functionality of mp verified by residual volume; tissue perfusion (intracochlear); 0.1% DMSO used; enzyme inhibitor (tyrosine kinase).

11887 Lang, H.N., Jyothi, V., Smythe, N.M., Dubno, J.R., Schulte, B., Schmiedt, R.A. Chronic Reduction of Endocochlear Potential Reduces Auditory Nerve Activity: Further Confirmation of an Animal Model of Metabolic Presbyacusis. JARO-JOURNAL OF THE ASSOCIATION FOR RESEARCH IN OTOLARYNGOLOGY 2010; 11(-3-):419-434. >>> Furosemide; Ear (round window niche); Gerbil; 2004; Controls were untreated; animal info (3-6 mo old, young adult); good methods, pg 421; tissue perfusion (round window).

11780 Li, X., Mao, X.B., Hei, R.Y., Zhang, Z.B., Wen, L.T., Zhang, P.Z., Qiu, J.H., Qiao, L. Protective Role of Hydrogen Sulfide against Noise-Induced Cochlear Damage: A Chronic Intracochlear Infusion Model. PLoS One 2011; 6(-10-):U487-U492. >>> Sodium hydrosulfide; propargylglycine, DL-; Ear (cochlea); Rat; 2002; Controls received mp w/ artificial perilymph; animal info (Sprague Dawley, 250-350 g); tissue perfusion (cochlear); ALZET mouse jugular catheter used (#0007700); stress/adverse effects, pg e26728"Two rats died of post-surgical infection, and one rat died of hemorrhage.".

11662 Warnecke, A., Scheper, V., Buhr, I., Wenzel, G.I., Wissel, K., Paasche, G., Berkingali, N., Jorgensen, J.R., Lenarz, T., Stoever, T. Artemin improves survival of spiral ganglion neurons in vivo and in vitro. NeuroReport 2010; 21(-7-):517-521. >>> Artemin; brain-derived neurotrophic factor; Ear (scala tympani); Guinea pig; 2002; Negative controls received mp w/ artificial perilynph; animal info (deafened, pigmented, 250-450 g); pumps replaced after 14 days; tissue perfusion (scala tympani); pump connected to silicone–polyimide tubing.

11466 Leake, P.A., Hradek, G.T., Hetherington, A.M., Stakhovskaya, O. Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Promotes Cochlear Spiral Ganglion Cell Survival and Function in Deafened, Developing Cats. Journal of Comparative Neurology 2011; 519(-8-):1526-1545. >>> Brain-derived neurotrophic factor, human; Perilymph, artificial; Ear (cochlea); Cat; 1002; 2004; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; long-term study; animal info (adult, 4 wks old, deafened); functionality of mp verified via residual volume; pumps replaced after two weeks then after 28 days; tissue perfusion (cochlea);"The drug-delivery cannula within the cochlear implant... was connected to vinyl tubing..., which was connected to the regulator of the osmotic pump, which was implanted behind the right pinna."; artificial perilymph recipe.

11449 Kondo, T., Matsuoka, A.J., Shimomura, A., Koehler, K.R., Chan, R.J., Miller, J.M., Srour, E.F., Hashino, E. Wnt Signaling Promotes Neuronal Differentiation from Mesenchymal Stem Cells Through Activation of Tlx3. Stem Cells 2011; 29(-5-):836-846. >>> Wnt1; brain-derived neurotrophic factor; Ear (cochlea); Gerbil; 2004; Controls received mp w/ saline or BDNF only; animal info (Mongolian, 4 mo old); pumps replaced after 72 hours; tissue perfusion (intracochlea).

11222 Abaamrane, L., Raffin, F., Schmerber, S., Sendowski, I. Intracochlear perfusion of leupeptin and z-VAD-FMK: influence of antiapoptotic agents on gunshot-induced hearing loss. European Archives of Oto-rhino-laryngology 2011; 268(-7-):987-993. >>> Leupeptin; z-VAD-FMK; Ear (cochlea); Guinea pig; 2001; Controls received no treatment; animal info (albino, 400-600 g); enzyme inhibitor (caspase); artificial perilymph solution recipe;"A miniature glass pipette with a ring of glue placed next to the tip to provide a leak-proof seal protecting the cochlea from contamination was connected to the catheter."pg 988; tissue perfusion.


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