Intravenous Infusion in the Mouse Using ALZET® Osmotic Pumps

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11660 Wansapura, A.N., Lasko, V.M., Lingrel, J.B., Lorenz, J.N. Mice expressing ouabain-sensitive alpha1-Na,K-ATPase have increased susceptibility to pressure overload-induced cardiac hypertrophy. American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology 2011; 300(-1-):H347-H355. >>> Digibind; IV (jugular); Mice; 2002; Animal info (alpha1s/s alpha2s/s, alpha1r/r alpha2r/r).

11505 Mirandola, L., Yu, Y.F., Chui, K., Jenkins, M.R., Cobos, E., John, C.M., Chiriva-Internati, M. Galectin-3C Inhibits Tumor Growth and Increases the Anticancer Activity of Bortezomib in a Murine Model of Human Multiple Myeloma. PLoS One 2011; 6(-7-):U173-U186. >>> Galectin-3C; PBS; IP; IV; Mice (NOD/SCID); 2002; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info (female, 6 wks old, NOD/SCID); cancer (multiple myeloma); half-life, 3 hours (p. e21811);"Our data suggest that sustained delivery may be preferable (over injections intramuscularly twice daily) for maximal response to treatment"pg e21811; galectin-3C is an N-terminally truncated form of galectin-3.

11305 do Carmo, J.M., da Silva, A.A., Cai, Z.W., Lin, S.Y., Dubinion, J.H., Hall, J.E. Control of Blood Pressure, Appetite, and Glucose by Leptin in Mice Lacking Leptin Receptors in Proopiomelanocortin Neurons. Hypertension 2011; 57(-5-):918-U125. >>> Leptin; Saline; IV (jugular); Mice; 1007D; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info (LepRflox/flox/POMC-Cre, LepRflox/flox, POMC-Cre, wt);"At the end of the leptin infusion period, the catheter connecting the minipump to the jugular vein was severed and sealed, and the mice were followed for an additional 5-day posttreatment period."pg 920.

11288 Cox, C.D., Garbaccio, R.M. Discovery of Allosteric Inhibitors of Kinesin Spindle Protein (KSP) for the Treatment of Taxane-Refractory Cancer: MK-0731 and Analogs. Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry 2010; 10(-9-):697-712. >>> MK-0731; IV; Mice (nude); Animal info (naive); dose-response, Fig 12 ; half-life 4-10 hours (p. 710); MK-0731 is a KSP inhibitor (kinesin spindle protein); maximum tolerated dose (MTD) is 12 mg/kg.

11183 Rudolph, V., Andrie, R.P., Rudolph, T.K., Friedrichs, K, Kline, A, Hirsch-Hoffmann, B, Schwoerer, A.P., Lau, D, Fu, X., Klingel, K., Sydow, K., Didie, M., Seniuk, A  Nature Medicine 2010; 16(-4-):470-474. >>> Angiotensin II; myeloperoxidase; Saline; SC; IV (jugular); Mice; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info (male, C57BL/6J, Mpo -/-, 12-15 wks old); peptides.

11021 Meuwese, M.C., Broekhuizen, L.N., Kuikhoven, M., Heeneman, S., Lutgens, E., Gijbels, M.J.J., Nieuwdorp, M., Peutz, C.J., Stroes, E.S.G., Vink, H., van den Berg, B.M. Endothelial Surface Layer Degradation by Chronic Hyaluronidase Infusion Induces Proteinuria in Apolipoprotein E-Deficient Mice. PLoS One 2010; 5(-11-):U104-U110. >>> Hyaluronidase, testicular; IV (jugular); Mice; Controls received mp w/ heat-inactivated hyaluronidase; animal info (14 wks old, ApoE-/-, ); ALZET mouse jugular catheter used; pump infused at 0.25 ul/hr;"it cannot be excluded that hyaluronidase remains stable in the subcutaneous Alzet minipump, which may have resulted in an underestimation of the effect of hyaluronidase during the 4 week course of the experiment."pg e14262.

10978 Ebrahimian, T., Li, M.W., Lemarie, C.A., Simeone, S.M.C., Pagano, P.J., Gaestel, M., Paradis, P., Wassmann, S., Schiffrin, E.L. Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase-Activated Protein Kinase 2 in Angiotensin II-Induced Inflammation and Hypertension Regulation of Oxidative Stress. Hypertension 2011; 57(-2-):245-U220. >>> Angiotensin II; IV; Mice; Animal info (14-17 wks old, male, Mk2 KO); peptides; blood pressure measured via radiotelemetry (PAC-10, DSI).

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10838 Iwasa, T., Okamoto, I., Takezawa, K., Yamanaka, K., Nakahara, T., Kita, A., Koutoku, H., Sasamata, M., Hatashita, E., Yamada, Y., Kuwata, K., Fukuoka, M., Nakagawa, K. Marked anti-tumour activity of the combination of YM155, a novel survivin suppressant, and platinum-based drugs. British Journal of Cancer 2010; 103(-1-):36-42. >>> YM-155; cisplatin; carboplatin; DMSO; IV; Mice (nude); 1007D; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info (male, nude, BALB/cAnNCrj-nu/nu, 5 weeks old); 0.1% DMSO used; cancer.

10651 Kozin, S.V., Kamoun, W.S., Huang, Y.H., Dawson, M.R., Jain, R.K., Duda, D.G. Recruitment of Myeloid but not Endothelial Precursor Cells Facilitates Tumor Regrowth after Local Irradiation. Cancer Research 2010; 70(-14-):5679-5685. >>> AMD 3100; IV; Mice (nude); Animal info (mice athymic NCr/Sed nude (nu/nu) mice, female syngeneic FVB).

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10348 Tateya, S., Tamori, Y., Kawaguchi, T., Kanda, H., Kasuga, M. An Increase in the Circulating Concentration of Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein-1 Elicits Systemic Insulin Resistance Irrespective of Adipose Tissue Inflammation in Mice. Endocrinology 2010; 151(-3-):971-979. >>> MCP-1, recomb. mouse; PBS; BSA; SC; IV (jugular); Mice; 1002; Controls received mp w/ saline; peptides; animal info (C57BL/6, 11 wks old).

10319 Bi, M.H., Ott, J., Fischer, T., Hecker, M., Dietrich, H., Schaefer, M.B., Markart, P., Wang, B.E., Seeger, W., Mayer, K. INDUCTION OF LYMPHOCYTE APOPTOSIS IN A MURINE MODEL OF ACUTE LUNG INJURY-MODULATION BY LIPID EMULSIONS. SHOCK 2010; 33(-2-):179-188. >>> Soybean oil emulsion; olive oil emulsion; IV (jugular); Mice; Controls received mp w/ saline; animal info (male, BALB/c, 10-16 wks old, 22-25 g); external pump application.

10006 Rodriguez-Feo, J.A., Hellings, W.E., Moll, F.L., De Vries, J.P.P.M., van Middelaar, B.J., Algra, A., Sluijter, J., Velema, E., van der Broek, T., Sessa, W.C., De Kleijn, D.P.V., Pasterkamp, G. Caveolin-1 Influences Vascular Protease Activity and Is a Potential Stabilizing Factor in Human Atherosclerotic Disease. PLoS One 2008; 3(-7-):U567-U579. >>> Caveolin-1; caveolin-1, scrambled; DMSO; saline; IV (jugular); Mice; 2002; Peptides; animal info (BALB/C, Cav-1 null, wt); 30% DMSO used.

10000 Savai, R., Langheinrich, A.C., Schermuly, R.T., Pullamsetti, S.S., Dumitrascu, R., Traupe, H., Rau, W.S., Seeger, W., Grimminger, F., Banat, A. Evaluation of Angiogenesis Using Micro-Computed Tomography in a Xenograft Mouse Model of Lung Cancer. NEOPLASIA 2009; 11(-1-):48-56. >>> Bevacizumab; IV (jugular); Mice (nude); 2002; Controls received mp w/ distilled water; animal info (female, C57BL/6, 5-7 wks old, BALB/c, nu/nu, 7-8 wks old); pump implated IP; bevacizumab is a anti-VEGF antibody;"This delivery (using ALZET pumps) mimics local delivery of antivascular agents and can be used effectively alone or in combination with cytotoxic chemotherapy for site-specific drug delivery for lung cancer treatment. As expected, continuous infusion of bevacizumab decreased lung tumor volume and tumor perfusion, with an added survival advantage compared to the untreated group."pg 55; cancer (lung); antibody.

9437 Tejeda, M., Gaal, D., Hullan, L., Csuka, O., Schwab, R., Szokoloczi, O., Keri, G.Y. Continuous Administration of the Somatostatin Structural Derivative /TT-232/ by Subcutaneously Implanted Osmotic Pump Improves the Efficacy and Potency of Antitumor Therapy in Different Mouse and Human Tumor Models. Anticancer Research 2008; 28(-5A-):2769-2774. >>> TT-232; Water, distilled; acetic acid; sodium acetate; mannitol; SC; IV (jugular); Mice; 2001; 2002; Comparison of IP and SC injections vs. SC and IV mp; pumps replaced after 2 weeks; PE-10 tubing used;"The frequent and long-lasting repetition of TT-232 injection enhanced its therapeutic efficacy; however, serial injection causes significant stress to animals and adequate precautions are required. To this end, an ALZET osmotic minipump inserted s.c. and i.v. was used."pg 2773;"The results obtained from this study suggest that TT-232 is a good candidate for delivery by continuous (infusion) therapy; cancer.

8804 Pavco, P.A., Bouhana, K.S., Gallegos, A.M., Agrawal, A., Blanchard, K.S., Grimm, S.L., Jensen, K.L., Andrews, L.E., Wincott, F.E., Pitot, P.A. Antitumor and antimetastatic activity of ribozymes targeting the messenger RNA of vascular endothelial growth factor receptors. Clin Cancer Res 2000; 6(-5-):2094-2103. >>> Ribozyme, anti-Flt-1; ribozyme, anti-KDR; ribozyme, attenuated; Saline; IV (jugular); SC; Mice; mice (nude); 2002; Controls received mp w/ vehicle or attenuated control; dose-response (fig. 2); pumps replaced after 18 days; stress/adverse reaction (see pg. 2096);<10% of animals removed from study due to catheter failure or animal not surviving pump implantation; half-life (p. 2100) IV and SC similar; cancer (lung carcinoma, colorectal carcinoma, liver metastasis); animal info (female, C57BL/6, 6-8 weeks old, male, nude, 6-8 weeks old); antiangiogenic, 80% bioavailable after SC administration; targets VEGF receptor mRNA; anti-Flt-1 ribozyme also known as angiozyme; good methods.

8680 Whalen, E.J., Foster, M.W., Matsumoto, A., Ozawa, K., Violin, J.D., Que, L.G., Nelson, C.D., Benhar, M., Keys, J.R., Rockman, H.A., Koch, W.J., Daaka, Y., Lefkowitz, R.J., Stamler, J.S. Regulation of beta-adrenergic receptor signaling by S-nitrosylation of G-protein-coupled receptor kinase 2. Cell 2007; 129(-3-):511-522. >>> Isoproterenol; GSNO; PBS; IV (jugular); Mice; Cardiovascular; agent is also known as nitrosoglutathione.

8539 Schaefer, M.B., Ott, J., Mohr, A., Bi, M.H., Grosz, A., Weissmann, N., Ishii, S., Grimminger, F., Seeger, W., Mayer, K. Immunomodulation by n-3- versus n-6-rich lipid emulsions in murine acute lung injury - Role of platelet-activating factor receptor. Critical Care Medicine 2006; 35(-2-):544-554. >>> Saline, physiological; lipoven; omegaven; IV (jugular); Mice; Controls received mp w/ saline, physiological; pumps replaced after 7 days of saline infusion; animal info (BALB/C wt, 8-12 weeks old, 18-21 grams, LPS induced acute lung injury and IP inflammation); external pump application; lipoven 10% (soybean oil); omegaven 10% (fish oil); lipid emulsion.

8445 Menon, J., Soto-Pantoja, D.R., Callahan, M.F., Cline, J.M., Ferrario, C.M., Tallant, E.A., Gallagher, P.E. Angiotensin-(1-7) inhibits growth of human lung adenocarcinoma xenografts in nude mice through a reduction in cyclooxygenase-2. Cancer Research 2007; 67(-6-):2809-2815. >>> Angiotensin (1-7); Saline; heparin; IV (jugular); Mice (nude); 2004; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; no stress (see pg. 2810); cancer (lung); peptides; animal info (male, athymic, 2-4 weeks old, 15-20 grams);"During the infusion period, the animals maintained their body weight as well as food and water consumption and showed no evidence of reduced motor function. Additionally, no gross pathological abnormalities were observed in major organs..indicating a lack of toxic side effects."(p. 2810).

8085 Ohtaki, H., Nakamachi, T., Dohi, K., Aizawa, Y., Takaki, A., Hodoyama, K., Yofu, S., Hashimoto, H., Shintani, N., Baba, A., Kopf, M., Iwakura, Y., Matsuda, K., Arimura, A., Shioda, S. Pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide (PACAP) decreases ischemic neuronal cell death in association with IL-6. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2006; 103(-19-):7488-7493. >>> Pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide, 6-38; pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide 38; pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide; Saline; BSA; IV (jugular); Mice; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; peptides; ischemia (cerebral); animal info (BALB/C, IL-6 -/-, +/-, wt); partial or total middle cerebral artery occlusion.

7347 Benlloch, M., Ortega, A., Ferrer, P., Segarra, R., Obrador, E., Asensi, M., Carretero, J., Estrela, J.M. Acceleration of glutathione efflux and inhibition of gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase sensitize metastatic B16 melanoma cells to endothelium-induced cytotoxicity. Journal of Biological Chemistry 2005; 280(-8-):6950-6959. >>> Acivicin; verapamil; IV; Mice; 2001D; Controls received mp w/ physiological saline; cancer (melanoma).

7261 Alley, M.C., Hollingshead, M.G., Pacula-Cox, C.M., Wand, W.R., Hartley, J.A., Howard, P.W., Gregson, S.J., Thurston, D.E., Sausville, E.A. SJG-136 (NSC 694501), a novel rationally designed DNA minor groove interstrand cross-linking agent with potent and broad spectrum antitumor activity. Part 2: Efficacy evaluations. Cancer Research 2004; 64(-18-):6700-6706. >>> SJG-136; DMSO; PEG; IV (jugular); Mice (nude); 2001; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; comparison of IV injections vs. mp; no stress (see pg. 6706); cancer (melanoma); agent also known as NSC 694501; 50% DMSO;"It is noteworthy that 5-day continuous infusions are highly effective in the LOX IMVI tumor model...continuous infusions were highly active and the lower peak plasma concentrations afforded by them may render infusion a useful mode for SJG-136 delivery in man."(pg. 6704-5).

7181 Arap, W, Haedicke, M, Bernasconi, M, Kain, R, Rajotte, D  PNAS 2002; 99(-3-):1527-1531. >>> SMSIARL, phage; IV; Mice; Comparison of pellets vs. mp; peptides; cancer.

7103 Tejeda, M, Gaal, D., Csuka, O., Keri, G.Y. Growth Inhibitory Effect of the Somatostatin Structural Derivative (TT-232) on Leukemia Models. Anticancer Research 2005; 25(--):325-330. >>> TT-232; Acetic acid; sodium acetate; water; mannitol; IV; SC; Mice; 2002; Dose-response (p. 328, fig 1); comparison of IP/SC injections vs. SC/IV mp; pumps replaced at day 14 for 28 day group; stability verified, 37 degrees Celsius for over 3 weeks; cancer (leukemia); TT-232 is a novel somatostatin analog;"The IV infusion for 28 days resulted in 82% growth inhibition."(p. 328);"The infusion of TT-232 by ALZET osmotic minipump resulted in 70-80% tumor growth inhibition and 20% tumor free survival."(p. 329);"…serial injections represent significant stress to the animals…""To reduce and eliminate the above mentioned problem [stress] we used an ALZET osmotic minipump…""Infusion from inserted ALZET minipumps maintains a constant drug level, resulting in a well defined, consistent pattern of drug exposure throughout the period of drug administration.""These studies suggest that TT-232 is a potent inhibitor of leukemia tumor in vitro and in vivo and suggest infusion treatment as a beneficial application in clinical practice."(p. 330); oligopeptide; enzyme inhibitor (tyrosine kinase); animal info (CBA/ca, immunosuppressed, female).

6290 Tejeda, M., Gaal, D., Csuka, O., Ullrich, A., Schwab, R., Pap, A., Horvath, A., Keri, G. The antitumor effect of the somatostatin analogue TT-232 depends on th e treatment regimen. Cancer Detection and Prevention 2003; 27(-2-):155-162. >>> TT-232; Acetic acid; sodium acetate; mannitol; SC; IV (jugular); Mice; 2001; 2002; Comparison of SC + IV injections vs. mp; 2002 pumps replaced after 14 days; cancer (sarcoma colon, breast lymphoma); somatostatin analog; PE-10 tubing used for IV group;"The infusion treatment with ALZET Osmotic Pumps proved to be superior to both twice daily injections or intravenous injections."(p. 155).

6201 Ameredes, B.T., Otterbein, L.E., Kohut, L.K., Gligonic, A.L., Calhoun, W.J., Choi, A.M.K. Low-dose carbon monoxide reduces airway hyperresponsiveness in mice. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LUNG CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR PHYSIOLOGY 2003; 285(-6-):L1270-L1276. >>> Rp-8-BrcGMP; Saline; IV (jugular); Mice; Rp-8-BrcGMP is an inhibitor of cGMP production; pump model not listed.

6109 Szende, B., Keri, G. TT-232: a somatostatin structural derivative as a potent antitumor drug candidate. Anti-cancer Drugs 2003; 14(-8-):585-588. >>> TT-232; SC; IV; Mice (SCID); 2002; Comparison of SC injections vs. mp; cancer (sarcoma, lymphoid, colon, breast); peptides; TT-232 is a somatostatin analog;"the infusion treatment using implanted ALZET-type osmotic mini-pumps proved to be superior to both S.C. and I.V. infusion applied twice a day for 2 weeks."(p. 586).

5713 Dono, R., Texido, G., Dussel, R., Ehmke, H., Zeller, R. Impaired cerebral cortex development and blood pressure regulation in FGF-2-deficient mice. EMBO J 1998; 17(-15-):4213-4225. >>> Angiotensin II; IV (jugular); Mice; 1007D; Cardiovascular; peptides.

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1463 Nesbitt, T., Davidai, G.A., Drezner, M.K. Abnormal adenosine 3'.5'-monophosphate stimulation of renal 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D production in Hyp mice: evidence that 25-hydroxyvitamin d-1a-hydroxylase dysfunction results from aberrant intracellular function. Endocrinology 1989; 124(--):1184-1189. >>> Cyclic AMP, N-6-monobutyryl; Water; IV (jugular); mice; 2001; no comment posted.

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1160 Naito, K., Pellis, N.R., Kahan, B.D. Effect of continuous administration of interleukin 2 on active specific chemoimmunotherapy with extracted tumor-specific transplantation antigen and cyclophosphamide. Cancer Res 1988; 48(--):101-108. >>> Interleukin-2; IP; IV; mice; 1702; 2001; 2002; 2ML2; mp connected to catheter; half-life; 2 doses infused; IL-2 infused to potentiate effects of TSTA/CY inject.; comparison of bolus inject. vs. inject. vs. mp infusion; tissue perfusion (spleen); cancer/immunology; peptides; human IL-2 used.

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