Recent References on Cell Proliferation Studies Using ALZET® Osmotic Pumps

1. BrdU

16329 Douvaras, P., Dora, N. J., Mort, R. L., Lodge, E. J., Hill, R. E., West, J. D. Abnormal corneal epithelial maintenance in mice heterozygous for the micropinna microphthalmia mutation Mp. Exp Eye Res 2016; 149(--):26-39. >>> Uridine, Bromodeoxy-; Saline; SC; Mice; 1007D; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info (15-week old Mp/+ mice); functionality of mp verified by corneal imaging; Dose (50 mg/ml);.

16285 Di Siena, S., Gimmelli, R., Nori, S. L., Barbagallo, F., Campolo, F., Dolci, S., Rossi, P., Venneri, M. A., Giannetta, E., Gianfrilli, D., Feigenbaum, L., Lenzi, A., Naro, F., Cianflone, E., Mancuso, T., Torella, D., Isidori, A. M., Pellegrini, M. Activated c-Kit receptor in the heart promotes cardiac repair and regeneration after injury. Cell Death Dis 2016; 7(-7-):e2317. >>> Uridine, Bromodeoxy; SC; mice; post op. care (500Ǩl glucose solution (5% glucose/physiologic solution), analgesic Atradol (3 mg/kg); Dose (0.6 M);.

16115 Dusabineza, A. C., Najimi, M., van Hul, N., Legry, V., Khuu, D. N., van Grunsven, L. A., Sokal, E., Leclercq, I. A. Hepatic Stellate Cells Improve Engraftment of Human Primary Hepatocytes: A Preclinical Transplantation Study in an Animal Model. Cell Transplant 2015; 24(-12-):2557-71. >>> Uridine, bromodeoxy-; IP; mice; 1004; animal info: SCID mice, females, 20–24 g; GFP+ transgenic mice, males, 35–44 g; gene therapy;.

16067 Williams, H., Mill, C. A., Monk, B. A., Hulin-Curtis, S., Johnson, J. L., George, S. J. Wnt2 and WISP-1/CCN4 Induce Intimal Thickening via Promotion of Smooth Muscle Cell Migration. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 2016; 36(-7-):1417-24. >>> Uridine, bromodeoxy-; SC; Mice (transgenic); 2004; animal info (Wnt2 +/-); cardiovascular;.

14980 Hunter, R.W., Ivy, J.R., Flatman, P.W., Kenyon, C.J., Craigie, E., Mullins, L.J., Bailey, M.A., Mullins, J.J., Hunter, R.W. Hypertrophy in the Distal Convoluted Tubule of an 11-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Type 2 Knockout Model. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF NEPHROLOGY 2015; 26(--):1537-1548. >>> Uridine, bromodeoxy-; furosemide; DMSO; SC; Mice; 1007D; 2001; Animal info (WT or Hsd1 1b2 -/-); 50% DMSO used; pumps primed overnight in 37C saline;.

14899 Cruzan, G., Harkema, J.R., Hosako, H., Wasil, J.M., Murray, F.J., Cruzan, G. Evaluation of the mode of action of mouse lung tumors induced by 4-methylimidazole. REGULATORY TOXICOLOGY AND PHARMACOLOGY 2015; 73(--):501-508. >>> Uridine, bromodeoxy; SC; Mice; Animal info (C57BL6 or CYP2F2, 8-11 weeks old);.

14882 Chen, H.J., Chen, C.H., Chang, M.Y., Tsai, D.C., Baum, E.Z., Hariri, R., Herzberg, U., Hsteh, P.C.H., Hsteh, P.C.H. Human Placenta-Derived Adherent Cells Improve Cardiac Performance in Mice With Chronic Heart Failure. STEM CELLS TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE 2015; 4(--):269-275. >>> Uridine, bromodeoxy; SC; Mice; 1007D; Animal info (female, C57BL6, 25g); cardiovascular;.

14354 Pruthi, D., Khankin, E.V., Blanton, R.M., Aronovitz, M., Burke, S.D., McCurley, A., Karumanchi, S.A., Jaffe, I.Z., Jaffe, I.Z. Exposure to Experimental Preeclampsia in Mice Enhances the Vascular Response to Future Injury. Hypertension 2015; 65(--):863-+. >>> Uridine, bromodeoxy-; SC; Mice; Animal info (female, CD1, 2 months postpartum); cardiovascular; bp measured using tail cuff;.

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2. EdU

16237 Roche, K. C., Gracz, A. D., Liu, X. F., Newton, V., Akiyama, H., Magness, S. T. SOX9 maintains reserve stem cells and preserves radioresistance in mouse small intestine. Gastroenterology 2015; 149(-6-):1553-1563 e10. >>> Uridine, 5-ethynyl-2’-deoxy; DMSO, PEG 300; SC; mice; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info (SOX9 knockout mice); functionality of mp verified by Click-it EdU flow cytometry kit; 50% DMSO used, 50% PEG 300; cell proliferation assays; Dose (1.15 mg/ul);.

16236 Robins, S. C., Trudel, E., Rotondi, O., Liu, X., Djogo, T., Kryzskaya, D., Bourque, C. W., Kokoeva, M. V. Evidence for NG2-glia derived, adult-born functional neurons in the hypothalamus. PLoS One 2013; 8(-10-):e78236. >>> Uridine, bromodeoxy; uridine, ethynyldeoxy; CSF, artificial; CSF/CNS (right lateral ventricle); mice; 1007D; animal info: NG2-CreER:tdTomato mice; functionality of mp verified post brain removal; Plastics One infusion kit used; brain tissue distribution; delayed delivery (2 days); delayed delivery (2 days); Dose: 30 ug/day (BrdU and EdU); Brain coordinates; 0.3 mm (anteroposterior), 1.0 mm (lateral), and 2.5 mm (dorsoventral, below skull).

16125 Gautier, H. O., Evans, K. A., Volbracht, K., James, R., Sitnikov, S., Lundgaard, I., James, F., Lao-Peregrin, C., Reynolds, R., Franklin, R. J., Karadottir, R. T. Neuronal activity regulates remyelination via glutamate signalling to oligodendrocyte progenitors. Nat Commun 2015; 6(--):8518. >>> Tetrodotoxin; Conotoxin, MVIIC w-; NBQX; Uridine, ethyldeoxy-; Saline; CSF/CNS; rat; 1004; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info: Female Sprague–Dawley rats aged 10–14 weeks of age (190–250 g); Plastics One brain infusion kit used; good methods; neurodegenerative (demyelination); post op. care (buprenorphine); cyanoacrylate adhesive (pg 12); delayed delivery (3 dpl and 10 dpl), using corn oil to separate drug from saline in a catheter; “The onset of drug delivery into the lesion was controlled by varying the length of the tube that connects the minipump to the cannula and by inserting a sterile corn oil drop (Sigma) to prevent diffusion of the drug solution into the initial saline solution” (pg 12); Dose: 11 mM conotoxin; 50nM tetrodotoxin; 250 uM NBQX; 5 ug/ul EdU.

13774 Fukushima, H., Abe, T., Sakamoto, K., Tsujimoto, H., Mizuarai, S., Oie, S., Oie, S. 3'-Ethynylcytidine, an RNA polymerase inhibitor, combined with cisplatin exhibits a potent synergistic growth-inhibitory effect via Vaults dysfunction. BMC CANCER 2014; 14(--):U1-U12. >>> Cytidine, 3'-ethynyl; Mice (nude); animal info (male, BALBC cAJcI-nu nude); cancer (KB cells, nasopharyngeal carcinoma; A549, lung carcinoma); 3'-ethynylcytidine aka ECyd akd TAS-106; ECyd is an RNA polymerase inhibitor;.

13742 Christie, K.J., Turbic, A., Turnley, A.M. ADULT HIPPOCAMPAL NEUROGENESIS, RHO KINASE INHIBITION AND ENHANCEMENT OF NEURONAL SURVIVAL. Neuroscience 2013; 247(-;-):75-83. >>> Uridine, 5-ethynyl-2'-deoxy; Y27632; CSF/CNS; Mice; 1007D; Animal info (male, C57BL6, 8-9 weeks old); ALZET brain infusion kit used; behavioral testing (elevated plus maze; object recognition; y maze); ethynyldeoxyuridine aka EDU; Y27632 is a ROCK inhibitor;.

13063 Robins, S.C., Trudel, E., Rotondi, O., Liu, X.H., Djogo, T., Kryzskaya, D., Bourque, C.W., Kokoeva, M.V. Evidence for NG2-glia Derived, Adult-Born Functional Neurons in the Hypothalamus. PLoS One 2013; 8(-10-):U880-U890. >>> Uridine, bromodeoxy; uridine, ethynyldeoxy; CSF, artificial; CSF/CNS; Mice; Animal info (NG2-CreER:tdTomato); Plastics One cannula used; labeling of NG2 derived neurons.

12458 Criswell, K.A., Cook, J.C., Morse, D., Lawton, M., Somps, C., Obert, L., Roy, M., Sokolowski, S., Koza-Taylor, P., Colangelo, J., Navetta, K., Brady, J., Pegg, D., Wojcinski, Z., Rahbari, R., Duddy, S., Anderson, T. Pregabalin Induces Hepatic Hypoxia and Increases EndothelialCell Proliferation in Mice, a Process Inhibited by DietaryVitamin E Supplementation. TOXICOLOGICAL SCIENCES 2012; 128(-1-):42-56. >>> Uridine, bromodeoxy; uridine, 5-ethynyl-2'-deoxy; Sodium carbonate; saline; SC; Mice; rat; 2001; 2ML1; Animal info (B6C3F1, 9-11 wks old, 18.5-22 g, Wistar, 6-8 wks old, 151-250 g); labeling of endothelial cells.

10929 Guo, N., Parry, E.M., Li, L.S., Kembou, F., Lauder, N., Hussain, M.A., Berggren, P.O., Armanios, M. Short Telomeres Compromise beta-Cell Signaling and Survival. PLoS One 2011; 6(-3-):U429-U438. >>> Uridine, 5-ethynyl-2-deoxy; SC; Mice; Animal info (mTR +/-); 5-ethynyl-2-deoxyuridine also known as EdU.

718 Schinazi, R.F., Scott, R.T., Peters, J., Rice, V., Nahmias, A.J. Antiviral activity of 5-ethyl-2-deoxyuridine against herpes simplex viruses in cell culture, mice, and guinea pigs. Antimicrob. Agents Chemother 1985; 28(-4-):552-560. >>> Uridine, 5-ethyl-2-deoxy-; SC; mice; 2001; comparison of topical Edu and acyclovir in guinea pigs vs. mp infusion of Edu w/ip adminis. and oral doses of Edu, acyclovir and DMSO in mice; immunology.

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3. Thymidine

15821 Sha Sha&Jin Xu&Zi-Hong Lu&Juan Hong&, Wei-Jun Qu&Jian-Wei Zhou&Ling Chen. Lack of JWA Enhances Neurogenesis and Long-Term Potentiation in Hippocampal Dentate Gyrus Leading to Spatial Cognitive Potentiation. MOLECULAR NEUROBIOLOGY 2016; 53(--):355-368. >>> Thymidine, 3'-azido-3'-deoxy-; cyclodextrin, methyl-b-; Saline; PEG 400; CSF/CNS (dentate gyrus); Mice; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info (JWA-nKO); behavioral testing (morris water maze, rotarod test); used Plastics One cannula; used dental cement and screws; enzyme inhibitor (telomerase);.

14415 Steinhauser, M.L., Guillermier, C., Wang, M., Lechene, C.P., Lechene, C.P. Quantifying cell division with deuterated water and multi-isotope imaging mass spectrometry (MIMS). SURFACE AND INTERFACE ANALYSIS 2014; 46(--):161-164. >>> Thymidine, 15N-; SC; Mice; Animal info (male, C57BL6, 8-10 weeks old); imaging;.

14244 Kim, S.M., Lun, M., Wang, M., Senyo, S.E., Guillermier, C., Patwari, P., Steinhauser, M.L., Steinhauser, M.L. Loss of White Adipose Hyperplastic Potential Is Associated with Enhanced Susceptibility to Insulin Resistance. Cell Metabolism 2014; 20(--):1049-1058. >>> Thymidine, 15N-; Water; SC; Mice; Animal info (male, C57BL6J, 4 weeks old); imaging;.

13994 Wood, C.E., Jokinen, M.P., Johnson, C.L., Olson, G.R., Hester, S., George, M., Chorley, B.N., Carswell, G., Carter, J.H., Wood, C.R., Bhat, V.S., Corton, J.C., DeAngelo, A.B., Wood, C.E. Comparative Time Course Profiles of Phthalate Stereoisomers in Mice. TOXICOLOGICAL SCIENCES 2014; 139(--):21-34. >>> Thymidine, 3H-; SC; Mice; Animal info (male, B6C3F1, 21-28 days old); toxicology; Thymidine used for imaging cells undergoing DNA replication;.

12910 Senyo, S.E., Steinhauser, M.L., Pizzimenti, C.L., Yang, V.K., Cai, L., Wang, M., Wu, T.D., Guerquin-Kern, J.L., Lechene, C.P., Lee, R.T. Mammalian heart renewal by pre-existing cardiomyocytes. Nature 2013; 493(-7432-):433-U186. >>> Thymidine, 15N-; SC; Mice (transgenic); Animal info (MerCreMer/Zeg tg, male, adult, 4 wks old).

12239 Zhou, Q.G., Hu, Y., Wu, D.L., Zhu, L.J., Chen, C., Jin, X., Luo, C.X., Wu, H.Y., Zhang, J., Zhu, D.Y. Hippocampal Telomerase Is Involved in the Modulation of Depressive Behaviors. Journal of Neuroscience 2011; 31(-34-):12258-12269. >>> Thymidine, 3'-azido-deoxy; CSF/CNS (hippocampus); Mice; Animal info (C57BL/6, 18-22 g, adult); 3-azido-deoxythymidine also known as AZT aka azidothymidine.

12073 Steinhauser, M.L., Bailey, A.P., Senyo, S.E., Guillermier, C., Perlstein, T.S., Gould, A.P., Lee, R.T., Lechene, C.P. Multi-isotope imaging mass spectrometry quantifies stem cell division and metabolism. Nature 2012; 481(-7382-):516-U131. >>> Thymidine, N-; SC; Mice; Animal info (adult, C57B6).

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4. Uridine, Chlorodeoxy-

P7035 Larson,S.D., Plopper,C.G., Baker,G., Tarkington,B.K., Decile,K.C., Pinkerton,K., Mansoor,J.K., Hyde,D.M., Schelegle,E.S. Proximal airway mucous cells of ovalbumin-sensitized and -challenged Brown Norway rats accumulate the neuropeptide calcitonin gene-related peptide. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LUNG CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR PHYSIOLOGY 2004; 287(-2-):L286-L295. >>> Uridine, chlorodeoxy; SC; Rat; 2ML2; 14-15 days.

P6199 Reader,J.R., Tepper,J.S., Schelegle,E.S., Aldrich,M.C., Putney,L.F., Pfeiffer,J.W., Hyde,D.M. Pathogenesis of mucous cell metaplasia in a murine asthma model. American Journal of Pathology 2003; 162(-6-):2069-2078. >>> Uridine, chlorodeoxy-; PBS; SC; Mice; 2002; 3,6,9, days.

P3619 Pollack,A., Joon,D.L., Wu,C.S., Sikes,C., Hasegawa,M., Terry,N.H.A., White,R.A., Zagars,G.K., Meistrich,M.L. Quiescence in R3327-G rat prostate tumors after androgen ablation. Cancer Res. 1997; 57(--):2493-2500. >>> Uridine, chlorodeoxy-; PBS; SC; rat; 2ML1; no duration posted; cancer (prostate); pumps implanted in flank opposite tumor.

P2619 Pollack,A., Terry,N.H.A., White,R.A., Cao,S., Meistrich,M.L., Milas,L. Proliferation kinetics of recruited cells in a mouse mammary carcinoma. Cancer Res. 1994; 54(--):811-817. >>> Uridine, chlorodeoxy-; Cytidine, bromodeoxy-; PBS; mice; 2001; 21 hours; cancer; toxicology; PBS was free of Ca and Mg.

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