References on Wound Healing Studies Using ALZET® Osmotic Pumps

16285 Di Siena, S., Gimmelli, R., Nori, S. L., Barbagallo, F., Campolo, F., Dolci, S., Rossi, P., Venneri, M. A., Giannetta, E., Gianfrilli, D., Feigenbaum, L., Lenzi, A., Naro, F., Cianflone, E., Mancuso, T., Torella, D., Isidori, A. M., Pellegrini, M. Activated c-Kit receptor in the heart promotes cardiac repair and regeneration after injury. Cell Death Dis 2016; 7(-7-):e2317. >>> Uridine, Bromodeoxy; SC; mice; post op. care (500Ǩl glucose solution (5% glucose/physiologic solution), analgesic Atradol (3 mg/kg); Dose (0.6 M);.

16166 Rhee, Y. H., Yi, S. H., Kim, J. Y., Chang, M. Y., Jo, A. Y., Kim, J., Park, C. H., Cho, J. Y., Choi, Y. J., Sun, W., Lee, S. H. Neural stem cells secrete factors facilitating brain regeneration upon constitutive Raf-Erk activation. Sci Rep 2016; 6(--):32025. >>> Raf-Transducer cells, conditioned media; leukemia inhibitory factor; fibroblast growth factor 2; vascular endothelial growth factor; CSF, artificial; CSF/CNS; Mice; 1007D; Controls received mp w/ vehicle or control media; animal info (male, C57Bl6, 50-100g); ALZET brain infusion kit 2 used; immunology; cyanoacrylate adhesive; Brain coordinates;.

16146 Okizaki, S., Ito, Y., Hosono, K., Oba, K., Ohkubo, H., Kojo, K., Nishizawa, N., Shibuya, M., Shichiri, M., Majima, M. Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor Type 1 Signaling Prevents Delayed Wound Healing in Diabetes by Attenuating the Production of IL-1beta by Recruited Macrophages. Am J Pathol 2016; 186(-6-):1481-98. >>> Placenta growth factor, recombinant human; antibody, interleukin-1B; PBS; SC; Mice; 1007D; Controls received mp w/ vehicle or control antibody; animal info (male, C57BL6, 8 weeks old, STZ); immunology; diabetes; Dose (PlGF 10 ug/mouse; anti-IL-1B 1 ug/day);.

16133 Hammond, T. R., McEllin, B., Morton, P. D., Raymond, M., Dupree, J., Gallo, V. Endothelin-B Receptor Activation in Astrocytes Regulates the Rate of Oligodendrocyte Regeneration during Remyelination. Cell Rep 2015; 13(-10-):2090-7. >>> BQ123; BQ788; Saline; CSF/CNS; mice; 1007D; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info: TNR, WT, Floxed Ednrb mice, hGfapcreERT2 mice; ALZET brain infusion kit 3 used; cyanoacrylate adhesive; EDNRA antagonist BQ123; EDNRB antagonist BQ788; Dose: 50 mM BQ123; 50 mM BQ788; 300 pmol/day (for both).

16073 Xu, W. S., Sun, X., Song, C. G., Mu, X. P., Ma, W. P., Zhang, X. H., Zhao, C. S. Bumetanide promotes neural precursor cell regeneration and dendritic development in the hippocampal dentate gyrus in the chronic stage of cerebral ischemia. Neural Regen Res 2016; 11(-5-):745-51. >>> Bumetanide; Water, sterile; CSF/CNS; Rat; 2004; animal info (male, Wistar, 200-250g); ischemia (cerebral); behavioral testing (Morris water maze); pumps primed overnight in 37C saline; used dental cement; Dose (200 ug/kg/day); Brain coordinates (anteroposterior−0.9, mediolateral +1.5);.

15986 Ikemoto-Uezumi, M., Uezumi, A., Tsuchida, K., Fukada, S., Yamamoto, H., Yamamoto, N., Shiomi, K., Hashimoto, N. Pro-Insulin-Like Growth Factor-II Ameliorates Age-Related Inefficient Regenerative Response by Orchestrating Self-Reinforcement Mechanism of Muscle Regeneration. Stem Cells 2015; 33(-8-):2456-68. >>> Insulin-like growth factor II, pro; PBS; SC; Mice; 1003D; 2001; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info (C57BL6, 2 months or 24-27 months old); Dose (0.5 ug/hr);.

15931 Nishiyama, K., Nakashima, H., Ikarashi, M., Kinoshita, M., Nakashima, M., Aosasa, S., Seki, S., Yamamoto, J. Mouse CD11b+Kupffer Cells Recruited from Bone Marrow Accelerate Liver Regeneration after Partial Hepatectomy. PLoS One 2015; 10(-9-):e0136774. >>> Antagonist, CCR2; DMSO; SC; Mice; 2001; animal info (C57BL6, eight weeks old);.

15913 Karalija, A., Novikova, L. N., Kingham, P. J., Wiberg, M., Novikov, L. N. The effects of N-acetyl-cysteine and acetyl-L-carnitine on neural survival, neuroinflammation and regeneration following spinal cord injury. Neuroscience 2014; 269(--):143-51. >>> L- N-acetyl-cysteine; O-acetyl-L-canitine; saline; Intrathecal; rats; 2002; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info (adult, 10-12 week female Sprague-Dawley rats); pumps replaced every 2 weeks; spinal cord injury; stab wound in dorsal root entry zone of C3 spinal cervical segment; post op. care (given analgesic Finadyne, normal saline, and benzylpenicillin; each animal housed alone); Peptides ALC, NAC; NAC aka N-Acetyl-cysteine; ALC aka acetyl-L-carnitine; Dose: 2.4 mg/day for NAC, 0.9 mg/day for ALC.

15881 Wu, D., Klaw, M. C., Connors, T., Kholodilov, N., Burke, R. E., Tom, V. J. Expressing Constitutively Active Rheb in Adult Neurons after a Complete Spinal Cord Injury Enhances Axonal Regeneration beyond a Chondroitinase-Treated Glial Scar. J Neurosci 2015; 35(-31-):11068-80. >>> Chondroitinase ABC; PBS; trehalos; CSF/CNS (intrathecal); Rat; 2002; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info (female, Wistar, adult, 225-250g); spinal cord injury; post op. care (buprenorphine, cefazolin, Lactated Ringer's solution, bladders manually expressed BID);"Because ChABC alone is thermolabile, we mixed it with the sugar trehalos to thermostabilize it"pg 11069; pumps primed in 37C saline evernight;.

15839 Christine Weber, Stephanie B. Telerman, Andreas S. Reimer, Ines Sequeira, Kifayathullah Liakath-Ali, Esther N. Arwert, Fiona M.Watt  Cancer Res 2016; 76(-4-):805-817. >>> arginine, N(omega)-hydroxy-nor-l; SC; Mice; 1004; animal info (InvEE); functionality of mp verified by plasma levels; stress/adverse reaction: (see pg. 811); stability verified by (10 days see pg 811); immunology;“Continuous dosing at a rate of 0.25 mL per hour ensured constant compound levels. Successful ARG1 inhibition was confirmed in blood plasma and wounded skin samples taken 5 days after implantation” pg 811; nor-NOHA aka N(omega)-hydroxy-nor-l-arginine;.

15780 Brigitte Koenig, Daniel Pape, Owen Chao, Jordana Bauer, Barbara Grimpe  Experimental Neurology 2016; 276(--):51-58. >>> DNAXT-1as; CSF/CNS (intrathecal); Rat; 1007D; Controls received mp w/ control enzyme or PBS; animal info (female, Wistar, 200-250g); pumps replaced every week; pumps replaced every week; spinal cord injury; post op. care (Baytril; manual bladder emptying; Rimadyl); behavioral testing (horizontal ladder task); used self-made intrathecal catheter from 32-gauge polyurethane; enzyme inhibitor (DNA enzyme of mRNA of xylosyltransferase-1);.

15756 MOHAN R. DASU, SANDRA R. RAMIREZ, THI DINH LA,, FARZAM GOROUHI, CHUONG NGUYEN, BENJAMIN R. LIN, CHELCY MASHBURN, HEATHER STEWART,, THOMAS R. PEAVY,, JAN A. NOLTA,, ROSLYN R. ISSEROFF  STEM CELLS TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE 2014; (-3-):745-759. >>> Epinephrine; macrophage-activating lipopeptide-2; ICI-118,551; SC; mice; 1002; animal info (Jax Mice, male, 8-10 weeks of age); peptides; macrophage-activating lipopeptide-2 aka MALP-2; Dose (7mg/kg body weight/day EPI; .7 mg/kg body weight/day ICI);.

15233 Sharp, K.G., Yee, K.M., Stiles, T.L., Aguilar, R.M., Steward, O. A re-assessment of the effects of treatment with a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen) on promoting axon regeneration via RhoA inhibition after spinal cord injury. EXPERIMENTAL NEUROLOGY 2013; 248(-;-):321-337. >>> Ibuprofen; Saline; SC; Rat; 2ML4; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info (female, Sprague-Dawley, 9-10 weeks old); spinal cord injury; post op. care (bladders expressed BID); behavioral testing (hindlimb locomotor function; gridwalk task, footprint analysis, girdle test, plantar von frey); immunology; pumps primed primed for 16h in 37C saline;.

15150 Yan, J.G., Logiudice, J., Davis, J., Zhang, L.L., Agresti, M., Sanger, J., Matloub, H.S., Havlik, R., Yan, J.G. CALCITONIN PUMP IMPROVES NERVE REGENERATION AFTER TRANSECTION INJURY AND REPAIR. MUSCLE&NERVE 2015; 51(--):229-234. >>> Calcitonin; Water, distilled sterile; CSF/CNS (sciatic nerve); Rat; 2006; Animal info (Sprague Dawley, 250-300g, 3 months old); half-life (p.233); long-term study;“To achieve a continuous and gradual mode of delivery, a mini-osmotic pump was implanted to deliver medication at a constant 0.15 ul/h” pg 233;"Calcitonin has short absorption and elimination half-lives of 10–15 minutes and 50–80 minutes, respectively; however, using an osmotic pump allows for gradual and prolonged release."pg233; pg230 diagram of pump implantation;.

15085 Siddiq, M.M., Hannila, S.S., Carmel, J.B., Bryson, J.B., Hou, J.W., Nikulina, E., Willis, M.R., Mellado, W., Richman, E.L., Hilaire, M., Hart, R.P., Filbin, M.T., Siddiq, M.M. Metallothionein-I/II Promotes Axonal Regeneration in the Central Nervous System. JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2015; 290(--):16343-16356. >>> Metallothionein-I/II; Saline, sterile; CSF/CNS (intrathecal); Rat; 1007D; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info (Long Evans, P28); dose-response (p.16347);.

14842 Bihl, J.C., Zhang, C., Zhao, Y.H., Xiao, X., Ma, X.T., Chen, Y.S., Chen, S.Z., Zhao, B., Chen, Y.F., Bihl, J.C. Angiotensin-(1-7) counteracts the effects of Ang II on vascular smooth muscle cells, vascular remodeling and hemorrhagic stroke: Role of the NFkappaB inflammatory pathway. VASCULAR PHARMACOLOGY 2015; 73(--):115-123. >>> Angiotensin II; angiotensin (1-7); A-779; IP; Mice; 1004; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info (C57BL6, 8-10 weeks old, 25-32g); ischemia (cerebral); behavioral testing (gait, circling/climbing behavior, body and front limb symmetry, compulsory circling); cardiovascular; peptides; bp measured using radiotelemetry (DSI); pumps primed for 48h at 37C sterile isotonic saline; used IP catheter;.

14817 Akahori, H., Karmali, V., Polavarapu, R., Lyle, A.N., Weiss, D., Shin, E., Husain, A., Naqvi, N., Van Dam, R., Habib, A., Choi, C.U., King, A.L., Pachura, K., Taylor, W.R., Lefer, D.J., Finn, A.V., Finn, A.V. CD163 interacts with TWEAK to regulate tissue regeneration after ischaemic injury. Nature Communications 2015; 6(--):U1-U14. >>> TWEAK; NBD; PBS; Mice; 2004; Controls received mp w/ vehicle or control peptide; animal info (male, CD163 -/-, 8 weeks old); ischemia (hind limb); immunology; TWEAK is a secreted pro-inflammatory cytokine of the tumor necrosis factor family; NBD is is an inhibitor of NF-kB;.

14514 Yoshii, A., Kitahara, S., Ueta, H., Matsuno, K., Ezaki, T., Ezaki, T. Role of Uterine Contraction in Regeneration of the Murine Postpartum Endometrium. Biology of Reproduction 2014; 91(--):U48-U57. >>> Ritodrine hydrochloride; SC; Mice; Controls received mp w/ saline; animal info (female, ICR, 8-10 weeks old, pregnant, GD18-19, ovariectomy); cardiovascular; immunology; ritodrine is a B-2 adrenergic receptor agonist;.

14492 Xu, C., Klaw, M.C., Lemay, M.A., Baas, P.W., Tom, V.J., Tom, V.J. Pharmacologically inhibiting kinesin-5 activity with monastrol promotes axonal regeneration following spinal cord injury. Experimental Neurology 2015; 263(--):172-176. >>> Chondroitinase ABC; Trehalos; PBS; monastrol; DMSO; CSF/CNS (intrathecal); Rat; 2002; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info (female, Sprague Dawley, 225-250g, adult); spinal cord injury; behavioral testing (open field testing); use ReCathCo IT catheter;.

14472 Wang, X.F., Hu, J.G., She, Y., Smith, G.M., Xu, X.M., Xu, X.M. Cortical PKC Inhibition Promotes Axonal Regeneration of the Corticospinal Tract and Forelimb Functional Recovery After Cervical Dorsal Spinal Hemisection in Adult Rats. Cerebral Cortex 2014; 24(--):3069-3079. >>> GO6976; CSF/CNS; Rat; 2002; Controls received mp w/ PBS; animal info (female, Sprague Dawley, adult, 200-220g); post op. care (buprenorphine hydrochloride QD SC injections for one week); behavioral testing (pellet retrieval); long-term study; enzyme inhibitor (cPKC).

14329 Okizaki, S., Ito, Y., Hosono, K., Oba, K., Ohkubo, H., Amano, H., Shichiri, M., Majima, M., Majima, M. Suppressed recruitment of alternatively activated macrophages reduces TGF-beta1 and impairs wound healing in streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice. BIOMEDICINE&PHARMACOTHERAPY 2015; 70(--):317-325. >>> Transforming growth factor-B1; PBS; SC; Mice; 1007D; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info (male, C57Bl6, 8 weeks old, diabetes induced STZ); immunology; diabetes;.

14278 Lim, Y.C., Bhatt, M.P., Kwon, M.H., Park, D., Na, S., Kim, Y.M., Ha, K.S., Ha, K.S. Proinsulin C-Peptide Prevents Impaired Wound Healing by Activating Angiogenesis in Diabetes. Journal of Investigative Dermatology 2015; 135(--):269-278. >>> C-peptide; PBS; SC; Mice; 2004; Controls received sham surgery; animal info (male, C57BL6J, 6 weeks old, streptozotocin induced diabetes); cardiovascular; peptides; diabetes;.

14261 Lee, J.Y., Jahng, J.W., Kim, S.M., Kim, M.J., Lee, J.H., Lee, J.H. Simultaneous Inferior Alveolar Nerve Regeneration and Osseointegration With a Nerve Growth Factor-Supplying Implant: A Preliminary Study. Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 2015; 73(--):410-423. >>> Nerve growth factor, human B-; PBS; CSF/CNS (inferior alveolar nerve); Dog (beagle); 2ML2; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info (male, beagle, 18 weeks old, 10-12 kg); good methods (picture of implant pg 413); Multiple pumps per animal (2; one pump delivered NGF other delivered PBS); used rat jugular catheter, 15 cm long; pump body placed into retromandibular area; long-term study;.

13894 Panigrahy, D., Kalish, B.T., Huang, S., Bielenberg, D.R., Le, H.D., Yang, J., Edin, M.L., Lee, C.R., Benny, O., Mudge, D.K., Butterfield, C.E., Mammoto, A., Mammoto, T., Inceoglu, B., Jenkins, R.L., Simpson, M.A., Akino, T., Lih, F.B., Tomer, K.B., Ingber, D.E., Hammock, B.D., Falck, J.R., Manthati, V.L., Kaipainen, A., D'Amore, P.A., Puder, M., Zeldin, D.C., Kieran, M.W. Epoxyeicosanoids promote organ and tissue regeneration. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2013; 110(-33-):13528-13533. >>> Epoxyeicosatrienoic acid, 14,15-; epoxyeicosatrienoic acid, 11,12-; IP; Mice; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info (male, Tie2-CYP2C8-Tr, Tie2-CYP2J2-Tr, sEH-null, 6 months old); replacement therapy (partial hepatectomy); tissue and organ regeneration.

13534 Kim, M.H., Gorouhi, F., Ramirez, S., Granick, J.L., Byrne, B.A., Soulika, A.M., Simon, S.I., Isseroff, R.R. Catecholamine Stress Alters Neutrophil Trafficking and Impairs Wound Healing by beta(2)-Adrenergic Receptor-Mediated Upregulation of IL-6. Journal of Investigative Dermatology 2014; 134(-3-):809-817. >>> Epinephrine; antagonist, beta adrenergic receptor; Saline; SC; Mice (transgenic); 1002; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info (female, EGFP-lys); functionality of mp verified by plasma levels; dose-response (pg. 810); immunology;.

12763 Doctrow, S.R., Lopez, A., Schock, A.M., Duncan, N.E., Jourdan, M.M., Olasz, E.B., Moulder, J.E., Fish, B.L., Maeder, M., Lazar, J., Lazarova, Z. A Synthetic Superoxide Dismutase/Catalase Mimetic EUK-207 Mitigates Radiation Dermatitis and Promotes Wound Healing in Irradiated Rat Skin. Journal of Investigative Dermatology 2013; 133(-4-):1088-1096. >>> EUK-27, custom; Water, ultrapure; SC; Rat; Control animals received mp w/ vehicle; animal info (syngenic, male, WAG/RijCmcr, 8 wks old); long-term study.

11137 Yoshioka, N., Kimura-Kuroda, J., Saito, T., Kawamura, K., Hisanaga, S., Kawano, H. Small Molecule Inhibitor of Type I Transforming Growth Factor-beta Receptor Kinase Ameliorates the Inhibitory Milieu in Injured Brain and Promotes Regeneration of Nigrostriatal Dopaminergic Axons. Journal of Neuroscience Research 2011; 89(-3-):381-393. >>> LY-364947; DMSO; Mice; 2002; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info (2 mo old, ICR, male); enzyme inhibitor (TGF-b receptor kinase); 5% DMSO used.

10638 van den Borne, S.W.M., van de Schans, V.A.M., Strzelecka, A.E., Vervoort-Peters, H.T.M., Lijnen, P.M., Cleutjens, J.P.M., Smits, J.F.M., Daemen, M.J.A.P., Janssen, B.J.A., Blankesteijn, W.M. Mouse strain determines the outcome of wound healing after myocardial infarction. Cardiovascular Research 2009; 84(-2-):273-282. >>> Metaprolol; hydralazine; SC; Mice; 1007D; Controls were sham operated; animal info (male, 10-12 wks old, 129S6/SvEv); myocardial infarction by coronary artery ligation.

9863 Sivamani, R.K., Pullar, C.E., Manabat-Hidalgo, C.G., Rocke, D.M., Carlsen, R.C., Greenhalgh, D.G., Isseroff, R.R. Stress-Mediated Increases in Systemic and Local Epinephrine Impair Skin Wound Healing: Potential New Indication for Beta Blockers. PLOS MEDICINE 2009; 6(-1-):105-115. >>> Salbutamol; ICI-118,551; SC; Mice; 2002; Controls received mp w/saline; animal info (FVB/NJ).

9695 Thomay, A.A., Daley, J.M., Sabo, E., Worth, P.J., Shelton, L.J., Harty, M.W., Reichner, J.S., Albina, J.E. Disruption of Interleukin-1 Signaling Improves the Quality of Wound Healing. American Journal of Pathology 2009; 174(-6-):2129-2136. >>> Interleukin-1, receptor antagonist, recomb. human; interleukin-6 recomb. mouse; Sodium citrate; sodium chloride; EDTA; Tween 80; PBS; SC; wound site; Mice; 1003D; 2002; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info (male, B6D2F1, 8-12 wks, 27-30 g., IL-1R KO); mp was fitted with a polypropylene mesh collar containing a PVA sponge; agent also known as Anakinra; deep tissue wounds; 0.1% Tween 80 used; 0.5 mM EDTA;.

8787 Virag, J.A.I., Rolle, M.L., Reece, J., Hardouin, S., Feigl, E.O., Murry, C.E. Fibroblast growth factor-2 regulates myocardial infarct repair - Effects on cell proliferation, scar contraction, and ventricular function. American Journal of Pathology 2007; 171(-5-):1431-1440. >>> Uridine, bromodeoxy-; DMSO; water; SC; Mice (knockout); 1007D; Cardiovascular; animal info (FGF2 knockout mice, 6-8 weeks old, 20-30 grams); 50% DMSO 50% water; labeling of endothelial cells.

7351 Brun, P., Mastrotto, C., Beggiao, E., Stefani, A., Barzon, L., Sturniolo, G.C., Palu, G., Castagliuolo, I. Neuropeptide neurotensin stimulates intestinal wound healing following chronic intestinal inflammation. American Journal of Physiology-Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology 2005; 288(-4-):G621-G629. >>> Neurotensin; PBS; BSA; SC; Mice; 2002; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; peptides; wound healing.

5955 Creemers, E., Cleutjens, J., Smits, J., Heymans, S., Moons, L., Colleen, D., Daemen, M., Carmeliet, P. Disruption of the plasminogen gene in mice abolishes wound healing after myocardial infarction. Am J Pathol 2000; 156(-6-):1865-1873. >>> Uridine, bromodeoxy-; Mice (knockout); 2001; Wound healing.

4892 Efron, D.T., Most, D., Shi, H.P., Tantry, U.S., Barbul, A. A novel method of studying wound healing.. Journal of Surgical Research 2001; 98(--):16-20. >>> Methylisothiourea, S-; adenovirus vector; gene, mouse iNOS cDNA sequence; Saline; Dye, methlene blue; Dye, India black ink; PBS; SC (wound healing site);; rat;; 2001; 2ML1;; Controls received mp w/ saline; functionality of mp verified by dye infusion; gene therapy; enzyme inhibitor; methylisothiourea,S- is an inducible nitric oxide synthase inhibitor (iNOS inhibitor); wound healing; SC-implanted pumps infused 2 hydroxyproline sponges via catheter; initial studies used 2ML1 pumps to infuse dyes in order to assess the feasibility of direct infusion with pumps; iNOS inhibitor infusion was with 2001 pumps; pumps were designed to infuse directly into SC implanted polyvinyl sponges at the wound site; Adenovirus vector was dissolved in PBS; iNOS inhibitor was delivered in saline; diagram of pump-catheter assembly and location (p. 18);"Dye infusion demonstrated both grossly and microscopically excellent delivery of the infusate to wound sponges"(p. 18);.

4349 Hollyoak, M.A., Muller, M.J., Meyers, N.A., Williams, W.G., Barrow, R.E., Herndon, D.N. Beneficial wound healing and metabolic effects of clenbuterol in burned and nonburned rats. J. Burn Care Rehabil 1995; 16(--):233-240. >>> Clenbuterol; Saline; SC; rat; 2ML2; 2ML4; controls received mp w/saline; wound healing study.

15458 Bitar, M.S. Insulin-like growth factor-1 reverses diabetes-induced wound healing impairment in rats. Horm. Metab. Res 1997; 29(--):383-386. >>> Insulin-like growth factor I; PBS; SC; rat; controls received mp w/PBS; tissue perfusion (wound chamber); peptides; recomb. human IGF-I used.

15431 Koshizuka, S., Kanazawa, K., Kobayashi, N., Takazawa, I., Waki, Y., Shibusawa, H., Shumiya, S. The beneficial effects of recombinant human insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-I) on wound healing in severely wounded senescent mice. Jpn. J. Surg 1997; 27(--):946-952. >>> Insulin-like growth factor I; Saline, physiological; SC; mice; 1007D; controls received mp w/ vehicle; no stress (see pg. 948); peptides; wound healing; recomb. human IGF-I used.

3550 Schaffer, M.R., Tantry, U., Gross, S.S., Wasserkrug, H.L., Barbul, A. Nitric oxide regulates wound healing. J. Surg. Res 1996; 63(--):237-240. >>> MITU; IP; mice; controls received mp w/ PBS; immunology; MITU is S-methyl isothiouronium, a competitive NO synthase inhibitor; wound healing.

2643 Mueller, R.V., Hunt, T.K., Tokunaga, A., Spencer, E.M. The effect of insulinlike growth factor I on wound healing variables and macrophages in rats. Arch Surg 1994; 129(--):262-265. >>> Insulin-like growth factor I; PBS; rat; 2002; controls received sham operation and/or mp w/ vehicle; tissue perfusion (wound healing chamber); replacement therapy (hypophysectomy); peptides; wound healing; recomb. human IGF-1 used.

846 Barbul, A., Knud-Hansen, J., Wasserkrug, H.L., Efron, G. Interleukin 2 enhances wound healing in rats. J. Surg. Res 1986; 40(--):315-319. >>> Interleukin-2; IP; rat; 2ML1; controls received mp w/vehicle; wound healing; functionality of mp verified upon removal; peptides; recomb. human IL-2 used.


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“Unlike injected nicotine, the infusion of nicotine via osmotic minipumps does not cause any overt signs of hypoxia/ischemia, such as blanching of the skin or cyanosis.” Xu et al., Brain Research 2002; 951:280-292.