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ALZET Osmotic Pumps are used in research to deliver a wide range of experimental agents. Listed below are bibliographies* on a select list of agents. If your agent of interest is not listed below, click here for a complete list of agents which have been delivered using ALZET Osmotic Pumps. Click here for additional technical information on the use of ALZET pumps to deliver proteins and peptides.



*Some of these bibliographies may be large and take a short while to display. These bibliographies are updated frequently. As the references are listed most recent first, you may wish to truncate your printing to ten pages or less.


Since 1977, scientist around the world have used ALZET pumps to conduct their research, publishing their results in high-impact journals. The ALZET bibliography now contains over 16,000 publications! We can perform a custom search for references relevant to your research.

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What researchers are saying...

“In preliminary studies using this model, we observed severe side effects with 5-FU doses beyond 25 mg/kg biweekly injections (mice developed skin ulcers, bleeding and severe diarrhea). Thus, we chose to deliver 5-FU by continuous infusion at an equivalent cumulative dose in order to minimize toxicity. Additionally, studies have demonstrated an increased efficacy of chemotherapeutic agents when administered continuously.” Stoeltzing et al. Int. J. Cancer 2003;104:496-503.