Endocrinology Research with ALZET® Pumps

The study of the action of hormones, hormone analogs, growth factors, and neuropeptides in animal models remains a critical avenue of basic and preclinical research. Continuous andcontrolled compound administration via ALZET osmotic pumps permits physiological concentrations to be achieved, despite the poor bioavailability or short half-life often associated with such agents. The ability to maintain a continuous presence of a compound is extremely beneficial when determining its effect on physiological response or in replacing the endogenous compound in a hormone deficient model. ALZET pumps have proven to be a useful tool for reliable, long-term delivery of agents while avoiding the stress-related complications induced by repeated handling inherent in frequent dosing schedules.

A wide variety of endocrine substances have been delivered using ALZET pumps. Examples of this work are contained in the reference lists* shown below. If you are interested in a specific agent not listed below, check the index by Agent Administered.


*Some of these bibliographies may be large and take a short while to display. These bibliographies are updated frequently. As the references are listed most recent first, you may wish to truncate your printing to ten pages or less.

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Pump Advantages

  • Ensure around-the-clock exposure to test agents at predictable levels
  • Permit continuous administration of short half-life proteins and peptides
  • Provide a convenient method for the chronic dosing of laboratory animals
  • Minimize unwanted experimental variables and ensure reproducible, consistent results
  • Eliminate the need for nighttime or weekend dosing
  • Reduce handling and stress to laboratory animals
  • Small enough for use in mice or very young rats
  • Allow for targeted delivery of agents to virtually any tissue
  • Cost-effective research tool


What researchers are saying...

“Insofar as multiple dosing is concerned, we propose that only administration by pump (or administration more than four times a day) can provide clinical-like occupancies for haloperidol, olanzapine, and risperidone.” Kapur et al., The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 2003;305:625-631.