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SD Volume 29.1 (Cancer Research) - May 2012 (3.6 MB)

Articles include:

  • Peptoids as anti-cancer agents
  • IL-13-PE and Gemcitabine combination therapy for pancreatic cancer

SD Volume 28.1 (Nanotechnology Research) - November 2011 (392 K)

Articles include:

  • Dendriworm delivery of siRNA with ALZET Pumps
  • High-Density lipoprotein delivery of alpha-tocopherol-conjugated siRNA

SD Volume 27.1 (Aging Research) - December 2010 (580 K)

Articles include:

  • Sirtuin Research with ALZET Pumps
  • ALZET Pumps Contribute to Stem Cell Research
  • Antiaging Effects of Rapamycin

SD Volume 26.1 - November 2009 (1.0 MB)

Articles include:

  • FGF infusion: A Novel Treatment for Diabetes and Obesity
  • Continuous Delivery of Stem Cell Factor Promotes Liver Recovery
  • Phytochemicals as Safe Therapeutic Agents for Human Diseases
  • Effective Therapeutic Gene Silencing by siRNA Infusion
  • ALZET Osmotic Pumps Aid in Siberian Tiger Conservation Research

SD Volume 25.1 (Pharmacology Research) - December 2008 (960K)

Articles include:

  • Pharmacoeconomics of Continuous Drug Administration Using ALZET Pumps
  • Dosing Methods for Antiepileptic Drugs
  • Effective Therapeutic Cannabinoid Analgesia Requires Targeted Delivery
  • Pharmacokinetics of Target-Organ Directed Drug Delivery

SD Volume 24.1 (Neuroscience Research) - October 2007 (404K)

Articles include:

  • CNS infusion of RNA molecules: a novel treatment for glioblastomas
  • Continuous Infusion of SM-216289 Improves Regeneration of Spinal Cord After Injury
  • Effective Epileptic Treatment Requires Continuous Drug Delivery
  • Tetherless Microdialysis Sampling Enabled by ALZET Pumps

SD Volume 23.1 (Cancer Research) - November 2006 (229K)

Articles include:

  • Use of ALZET pumps for successful implementation of in vivo imaging technologies
  • Enhanced immunotoxin therapy by continuous infusion of BB-3644
  • Promising new antileukemia treatment: Continuous infusion of TT-232
  • Continuous infusion optimizes triple drug therapy against colon cancer

SD Volume 22.1 - May 2002 - (384K)

Articles include:

  • Chronic Infusion of Rotenone Results in New Model of Parkinson's
  • Dissolving Rotenone for Chronic Infusion
  • Advances in Gene Therapy Research for Inner Ear Disorders
  • A Method for Chronic Drug Delivery in Neonates
  • Cyclodextrin Derivatives: Improving Delivery of Hydrophobic Compounds
  • New Agents Added to the ALZET Bibliography

SD Volume 21.1 - February 2000 - (384K)

Articles include:

  • Spontaneous Activity Directs Selection by Developing Visual Cortex Neurons
  • Intravenous Infusion in the Mouse Using ALZET Osmotic Pumps
  • Pain Research and the Role of ALZET Pumps
  • Introducing the New ALZET Brain Infusion Kit II
  • The Use of ALZET Osmotic Pumps During MRI or NMR Studies
    New Agents

SD Volume 20.2 - October 1998 - (384K)

Articles include:

  • Models of Neurodegenerative Disease
  • Nicotine as a Neuroteratogen
  • Targeted Protein Infusion (includes CGRP, HGF and oxLDL)
  • Rats and Cardiac Glycoside Sensitivity
  • New Agents in the ALZET Literature

SD Volume 20.1 - June 1998 - (288K)

Articles include:

  • Leukemia Inhibitory Factor
  • Urokinase Plasminogen Activator
  • Effective Administration of Leptin
  • Animal Models of Pediatric Hearing Loss
  • Overcoming Challenges in Neonatal Drug Delivery
  • ALZET Expert Seeks Infusion of Academia
  • New Agents in the ALZET Literature

SD Volume 19.1 - September 1997 - (345K)

Articles include:

  • Gene Delivery Using ALZET Pumps
  • VEGF Delivery in an Ischemia Model
  • In Situ Neuronal Modulation with EGF
  • Intraventricular Infusion in Mice
  • New Model 1002 Pump Available
  • Ordering Information
  • New Agents in the ALZET Literature

SD Volume 18.2 - November 1996 - (271K)

Articles include:

  • New ALZET Web Site
  • Epileptic Seizure Suppresssion
  • Antisense Inhibits Tumor Formation
  • Antisense Research Summary
  • Novel Arthritis Models

SD Volume 18.1 - March 1996 - (81K)

Articles include:

  • Manipulating the Local Nerve Environment through Targeted Delivery
  • L-Name Elucidates the Role of Nitric Oxide
  • Chronic Heavy Metal Exposure
  • Intrapericardial FGF May Salvage Ischemic Myocardium
  • Direct Delivery to the CNS 

SD Volume 17.1 - September 1995 - (101K)

Articles include:

  • Leptin Activity May be Schedule Dependent
  • Antisense Oligonucleotides Evaluated in Vivo
  • Osmotic Pumps Deployed Among the Kelp
  • Local IGF-I Infusion Restores Wound Healing

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Selected quotes extracted from scientific publications describing the use of ALZET® Osmotic Pumps

“Commercially available mini-osmotic pumps were pre-tested in vitro and proved to be a reliable method of slowly releasing the protein that was biologically active... The continuous presence of BMP-7 during the 2-4 weeks following surgery seemed to have attracted surrounding mesenchymal-like cells from the synovium into the defect area, and then transformed into chondrocytes.” Pecina et al. International Orthopaedics 2002; 26:131-136.