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iPRECIO Programmable Pump SMP-200

The iPRECIO SMP-200 pump uses a patented, microprocessor controlled peristalsis mechanism for accurate controlled flow. This implantable infusion pump is for ideal for use in rats and larger laboratory animals.

iPRECIO SMP-200 Pump with its labeled parts

iPrecio Pump Front Caption

Top view of iPRECIO® SMP-200 pump

iPrecio Pump Back Caption

Bottom view of iPRECIO® SMP-200 pump

Battery Life

The battery life for the iPRECIO SMP-200 pump is 6 months at a continuous flow rate of 1.0 μL/hr. The estimated battery life can be confirmed with the iPRECIO Management Software when programming.

iPRECIO pumps (5  pcs/box)

box for iPRECIO SMP-200 with the five pump blister packs laid next to it

SMP-200 side view

iPRECIO Programmable Pump SMP-200 side view

Sterilized Blister Package

front and back of iPRECIO SMP-200 blister package with pump inside

The iPRECIO SMP-200 Pump

Watch this video to learn about the iPRECIO SMP-200 pump technology and applications.

The iPRECIO® IMS-200 Management System

The iPRECIO® Management System for SMP-200 pumps consists of:

  • iPRECIO Management Software Installation CD
  • Data Communication Device (UCD-200)
  • USB cable
  • iPRECIO SMP-200 User Manual
  • 2 AAA batteries
iPrecio Management System