The primary objective of a pharmacology study is to optimize the conditions of drug administration in order to achieve maximum therapeutic efficacy with the least burden of adverse effects. Key parameters of drug action that are commonly investigated are the level and duration of drug exposure, as well as the spatial distribution of the drug. Rate controlled drug delivery by ALZET® Osmotic Pumps allows researchers to set drug concentration at a desired level and maintain it for a chosen duration. ALZET pumps also allow direct delivery of drugs into target tissues, thus enabling careful analysis of local versus systemic effects. By manipulating these variables, drug effects can be explored and optimized early in preclinical development, increasing the odds that a drug program graduates to the clinical phase.

Since the mid-1970’s, ALZET pumps have been used as a powerful experimental tool to facilitate pharmacology research. ALZET pumps are commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry to optimize delivery of novel drugs and ignite product development. They are also used in academic institutions to educate the next generation of young scientists on the basic principles of pharmacology research.

ALZET pumps have been used in a wide range of pharmacology research applications. Examples of this work are shown in the bibliographies* listed below.

*Some of these bibliographies have been truncated to keep the document to a reasonable length. These bibliographies are updated frequently. However, you can always contact us to request the most recent list of references, or additional references on your specific agent or research topic of interest.