The iPRECIO programmable pump is an advanced infusion device for drug delivery applications in mice, rats and larger animals. With versatile programmable functions and a refillable reservoir, this implantable infusion pump enables full control over dosing studies and empowers researchers to execute even the most complex dosing protocols, including multiple bolus dosing, variable/constant delivery, escalating drug administration, and more.

With the user-friendly iPRECIO management software, the infusion profile is programmed and downloaded to the pump’s memory chip. Pump refilling is possible via percutaneously accessible septum, enabling researchers to change solutions or refill the pump during the course of the study. Two iPRECIO pump versions are now available: the iPRECIO SMP-200 is suitable for implantation in rats and larger animals, and the iPRECIO SMP-310R can be implanted in mice and larger animals (detailed product specifications are listed below).

Mechanism of Action

The technology driving the infusion process is a patented “Rotary Finger” mechanism. A micro-motor inside the pump slowly revolves in a clockwise direction turning the cam with its four projections.  In each quarter rotation, a single cam projection sequentially pushes up each of the seven finger pins. This continuous cycle compresses the liquid filled tube, creating a peristaltic-like movement of the fluid.  As the solution moves through the tube, it is expelled from the pump reservoir into the test subject. The accuracy of the iPRECIO pump is +/- 5%. Each pump is calibrated at factory for maximum precision. A unique ID and Calibration Factor is shown in the program window during the programming phase.


iPRECIO Pump Specifications

Specifications of iPRECIO SMP-310R and iPRECIO SMP-200

*Battery life and infusion duration depend on infusion rate and communication interval. The maximum duration of 67 days for the iPRECIO SMP-310R pumps is achieved at 0.1 µl/hr infusion rate and communication mode setting to “none”.

**Note that iPRECIO SMP-310R pumps are pre-programmed via wireless communication. In ideal conditions with a small number pumps, in vivo reprogramming is feasible with the SMP-310R. (Ideal conditions: communication mode set to “every minute”, low external wireless interference, pumps in close proximity to programming station).