Mechanism of action

The technology driving the infusion process is a patented “Rotary Finger” mechanism. A micro-motor inside the pump slowly revolves in a clockwise direction turning the cam with its four projections.  In each quarter rotation, a single cam projection sequentially pushes up each of the seven finger pins. This continuous cycle compresses the liquid filled tube, creating a peristaltic-like movement of the fluid.  As the solution moves through the tube, it is expelled from the pump reservoir into the test subject. The accuracy of the iPRECIO pump is +/- 5%. Each pump is calibrated at factory for maximum precision. A unique ID and Calibration Factor is shown in the program window during the programming phase.



iPrecio Pump Front Caption

Top view of iPRECIO® SMP-200 pump with its labeled parts

iPrecio Pump Back Caption

Bottom view of iPRECIO® SMP-200 pump with its labeled parts


iPrecio SMP-300

Battery Life (iPRECIO® SMP-200)

The battery life for the iPRECIO SMP-200 pump is 6 months at a continuous flow rate of 1.0 μL/hr. The estimated battery life can be confirmed with the iPRECIO Management Software when programming.

Battery Life (iPRECIO® SMP-300)

The battery life is up to 47 days at a flow rate of 0.1 µL/hr continuously. Battery life is calculated and estimated using the iPRECIO Software, and it is dependent on pump switch on date, KVO duration, infusion profile and communication availability selected. Exact battery life durations and calculations are managed by the iPRECIO Software. The battery life is maximized when the pump is programmed to none or 0 communication mode. When communication availability is set to 1 minute, maximum responsiveness is selected and this gives the lowest battery life.