Many proteins and peptides have extremely short half lives of elimination in vivo. When administered by conventional delivery methods, such as injection, these compounds are eliminated rapidly, resulting in wide variations in the level of recombinant protein in plasma and tissues. Through continuous administration, ALZET pumps can maintain effective levels of short half life proteins, reveal valuable tissue specific effects, or minimize systemic toxicity.

ALZET pumps have been used extensively to study the effects of proteins and peptides and other biotechnology compounds in vivo. The list shown below includes examples of this type of work.* If your agent of interest is not listed below, contact us so we can search or bibliography database. Click here for additional technical information on the use of ALZET pumps to deliver proteins and peptides.

*Some of these bibliographies have been truncated to keep the document to a reasonable length. These bibliographies are updated frequently. However, you can always contact us to request the most recent list of references, or additional references on your specific agent or research topic of interest.