The study of the action of hormones, hormone analogs, growth factors, and neuropeptides in animal models remains a critical avenue of basic and preclinical research. Continuous and controlled compound administration via ALZET osmotic pumps permits physiological concentrations to be achieved, despite the poor bioavailability or short half-life often associated with such agents. The ability to maintain a continuous presence of a compound is extremely beneficial when determining its effect on physiological response or in replacing the endogenous compound in a hormone deficient model. ALZET pumps have proven to be a useful tool for reliable, long-term delivery of agents while avoiding the stress-related complications induced by repeated handling inherent in frequent dosing schedules.

A wide variety of endocrine substances have been delivered using ALZET pumps. Examples of this work are contained in the reference lists* shown below. If you are interested in a specific agent not listed below, check the index by Agent Administered.

*Some of these bibliographies have been truncated to keep the document to a reasonable length. These bibliographies are updated frequently. However, you can always contact us to request the most recent list of references, or additional references on your specific agent or research topic of interest.